The magic behind PastBook

Create your photo product in minutes using our unique smart technology

We work our magic, you make it perfect

So many photos, so little time–who can’t relate? Our Smart Editor does all the work for you, so you have more free time to make even more memories. Discover how we create stunning photo products that you’ll be proud to display and happy to share.

Created in 1 click

In a single click, you can upload your photos from your social media or device. The magic of smart selection picks the best quality images for you, and a preview of your photo product is ready to admire in 60 seconds.

Our smart photo selection

Who has the time go through hundreds of individual photos? PastBook automagically chooses the best images from your selected range based on several factors such as image resolution, lighting and emotional value. The result? A beautiful photo product made just for you.

Easy to perfect and personalize

We’re happy to do the work for you, but we’re also happy to lend a helping hand. Our easy-to-use editing technology allows you to customize each and every photo product you order, so you can make sure everything is exactly to your taste.

Instant layouts you’ll love

Reliving your favorite memories shouldn’t feel like a chore. We create layouts for you–taking into account whether the photos are in portrait or landscape form. All that’s left for you to do is remember what a great time you had.

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