Reliving memories,
without hurting tomorrow

Our commitment

We make our customers happy and take care of the planet at the same time. This is why we are committed to reduce our impact on the environment with tangible goals and effective actions.

What we focus on

Producing locally

We print around the globe, but we already print 84% of our products in the same country as our customers are located.

Using responsibly sourced materials

The materials used to manufacture our products come from certified sustainable forests.

Compensating for our CO₂ footprint

By taking part in reforestation projects to plant trees around the world.

Reducing our waste & our energy consumption

Both in our offices and in our production centers.

It’s also about the little things

In our offices we reduce our environmental footprint by separating our waste, active working from home policy and travelling to work using public transportation or by bike!

The PastBook forests

We have been partners with Land Life Company since 2019, a technology-driven reforestation company on a mission to restore the world’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land. This way we do not only compensate for our CO₂ footprint but also realize reforestation.


planted trees


tons of CO₂ stored


hectares of restored land

Reforestation project in Sisters, Oregon, USA.

Reforestation project in Moolagundi, NSW, Australia.

It’s team work after all!


Relive your beautiful memories in a tangible and easy way by getting them printed


Grow PastBook forests across the globe with the help of Land Life Company


We make a concrete impact together on reducing CO₂ and restoring degraded land

From our CEO

“I believe that sustainability is a challenge for all of us. At PastBook we incorporate the responsibility for our environment in our long term strategy and our everyday choices. We are committed to creating beautiful photo products while limiting our impact on the world around us.”
Wouter Staatsen, CEO at PastBook