Xmas shopping guide: 7 tips for stress-free holiday season shopping


Christmas – what a merry season! However, the Christmas shopping is sometimes not so jolly. That’s why we’d better dive into this article to reinvent our Xmas shopping experience! Find out what these 7 tips for stress-free xmas shopping look like in this xmas shopping guide.


Tip #1: Make a shopping list with a budget in mind



With all the options out there, it’s super easy to get overwhelmed and buy too many “must-have” items under the Christmas tree. Be smart and decide on the budget first before putting any gifts on your shopping list. When you know how much you are able to spend, go wild! Make a list of all the loved ones you are buying amazing gifts for and write down gift ideas next to it. After that, prioritize and adjust the number of gifts to your budget.


Tip #2: Get started early



The golden rule is: the sooner the better. In the idea case, keep your eyes open all year round for gifts your beloved ones would like. We might have already come with this piece of advice a bit too late but there is no time to waste right now! Avoid shopping everything last minute in the crowded stores and switch to the online webshops. Usually, getting your desired items this way is even cheaper.


Tip #3: Plan with the internet



Before even entering the stores, skim through your list, go online and research what options you’ve got and what’s the most convenient one for your budget. Sometimes you’ll need to compromise or exclude the idea all together. Do not worry, there’ll be more opportunities along the way to give these rejected presents – like upcoming birthdays!


Tip #4: Skip gifts for your friends



Why not agree with your friends to skip giving gifts to each other this year? Instead, invite them for a nice dinner together. This way, you’ll have one more excuse to get together and create more memorable memories in one.


Tip #5: Shop solo & dress with confidence



Research has proven that people tend to unconsciously mimic one another. In this context, that means you’re more likely to buy more items because of your shopaholic friends. Also, the research discovered that when people are feeling insecure, they happen to purchase more to comfort themselves. Therefore, avoid the leggings and sneakers and opt in for something more chic to boost your self-confidence.


Tip #6: Buy less expensive stuff first



The reason behind this shopping tip is to save money. The researchers proved that if you start with buying something more expensive, you’ll become more benevolent about the lower price tags. For example, once you’ve paid $300 for a cool drone, handing out $20 instead of $10 for beauty products may no longer bother you.


Tip #7: Wrap wisely



One half of the excitement from getting a gift is actually opening the wrapped box. So divide your gifts as much as possible to create even more gifts to unwrap. What an easy way to boost the gift pile under your Christmas tree!

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