Top 5 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day photo books

icon_FathersDayFather’s Day is round the corner: high time to think about a perfect present for your dad! Get inspired by our 5 DIY Father’s Day gift ideas! Make this day special, surprise him with a meaningful DIY present or create a Father’s Day Photo Book now – an excellent way to recollect and preserve the precious family memories!

It is always hard to pick a gift for someone who already has everything. Of course, the easiest way is to go with something tested and proven and convince yourself that your dad will be happy with anything – the attention is most important. There are thousands of great neckties and “Best Dad” mugs, but guys, be realistic, your father has enough of them. Try something new this year: we prepared 5 simple Father’s Day gift ideas to make this day special for the special man in your life.

Tasty treat

The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. Today is the day when you take care of your dad and treat him with something nice.

Grill it!

Of course your dad already knows how to grill the best stakes in the world, and please, don’t disturb him, there is indeed something magical about men cooking. Just set up a separate grill and surprise your family with a new recipe. Actually, you can cook almost anything on grill, from quite traditionally tasting BBQ Chicken Enchiladas (Jessica’s recipe from the blog How Sweet It Isto a bit weird but delicious BBQ Chicken and Peach Quesadillas from Closet Cooking. You even can make a desert on grill! Hard to believe, but some fruits like pineapple, mango, banana, watermelon, grapefruit or avocado taste incredibly when grilled. Not sweet enough? Try grilled doughnuts, chocolate chip cookies or even a Blueberry Lemon Pie from Eclectic Recipes!


Snack it!

Whether you decided to spend the day watching movies, invited friends for a barbecue or planned a picnic, snacks are always a good idea. Instead of potato chips or candies, we encourage you to try something different. Did you know that snacks can actually be healthy? Try Cheesy Broccoli Bites by Super Healthy Kids, Zucchini Sticks by The Gracious PantryCauliflower ranch chips by Mom, What’s For Dinner? or simply, cut some vegetables and arrange them so beautifully that no one can actually ignore them! Get inspired by 5 crispy alternatives to potato chips by Brit+Co.

And finally, boys will be boys, let’s treat him with bacon and beer! If carb fest by RecipeGirl Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon is not good enough for you, try bacon salt, bacon jam and bacon candies. Still boring? For the most sophisticated minds, we found a recipe of Bacon n’ Beer Cupcakes by Brit+Co and The Elvis Granola Bar (yep, granola bar with bacon, yummy!) by How Sweet It Is. Enjoy your meal!


One of a kind

No matter how crafty you are, you definitely can make something with your own hands. Your dad will appreciate the amount of time and work you put in this present, he will feel your love, and no doubt, this gift will be very special and unique. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Knit it!

You’ll be surprised, but knitting is actually not that hard. Moreover, it reliefs the stress, makes you feel good about yourself and boosts you creativity. And the best thing about knitting, is that it can be anything: a scarf, a blanket, a hat, gloves, slippers… And yes, we are aware that it is summer right now, but a scarf can wait for a few months. And you know. Winter is coming.

If you are new in the craft, check Simply Maggie’s blog, she gives very elaborate advice on how to knit scarfs and blankets using just your hands. Thoroughly Natural throws ideas on how to knit something nice in just one hour. Get even more inspired by Mellie Blossom’s Crochet Gifts for Men.


Organize it!

Make a Wooden Bungee Organizer – a great hack to keep all the small things (scarfs, sunglasses, cords, jewellery) together and always be able to find them. If your dad has wood stove or fireplace or someone who loves camping – help him to organize the wood in a handmade Firewood Tote. Finally, a great way to organize your dad’s ties is to make a handmade tie rack.


The gift of time

One of the most valuable things that you can give to your dad is your time. Spend the day with your father, listen to his stories, ask for advice. Explore his hobbies: go fishing or camping, read a book together or arrange a game night. He’ll appreciate an opportunity to do something that he likes and he will enjoy teaching you and explaining how the things are done. You can also take him on an adventure: explore a new city, spend the day in the forest or climb a mountain! Don’t forget to gather all the necessary supplies in the Father’s Day Care Package (courtesy of Imagine Childhood).


Grant a wish

Your dad will love a coupon book, especially if it includes free hugs ;) The best thing about coupons is that the range of the gifts you are giving to your father is limited just by your imagination! It can be something very general, like washing his car or mowing the lawn or personal, taking into account what exactly your dad likes or wants. If your imagination fails you, go with already prewritten printable coupons, filled with ideas!


Print it out!

Your dad can be a tough man but still, he loves you and he wants to see your face as often as possible. Of course, you shouldn’t follow him everywhere he goes, but you can print out the photos of you and your family and make something nice with them. For instance, you can make a DIY magnetic board with his favorite photos on it, which he can hang in his office. WhipperBerry gives elaborate guidance on how to make a board yourself.

Another good idea is to make a photo cube that creates puzzles of all sorts and your dad can change the picture any time he wants. You will need a few plain wood cubes and pictures. Julia explains how you can make a DIY photo cube in her blog Starts & Sunshine.

You can also think bigger and create a photo book with all the family photos, so that your father can go through it anytime, reviving the precious moments. With PastBook you can make stylish photo albums for any kind of occasion, using photos from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa – you name it! There are also step-by-step tutorials on how to create an album in just a few seconds.


Try your best to make this day special, your dad deserves it!

Happy Father’s Day!

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