The Best Honeymoon Destinations

instagram-iconPlanning a honeymoon? We selected the best honeymoon destinations for this summer! Whatever your idea of the perfect escape is: isolated island, vibrant city or a small house in the middle of nowhere, you will find something that will suit you. Don’t forget to take photos during your getaway and keep the memories forever in a gorgeous Honeymoon Photo Book!

The word “honeymoon” comes from the Norse word “hjunottsmanathr” which can be translated as “in hiding”. Now you might be picturing a couple that runs away and hides because the society doesn’t want them to be together, and then they struggle against the whole world, defeat dragons and finally, the love triumphs, the villains are punished, the newly weds live happily ever after.

Well, not exactly. Actually, men abducted women from local villages and kept them in hiding until they were pregnant. Of course, the bride’s opinion was never taken into account. Gradually, those escapades developed into a nice tradition: the lovebirds run away to release the stress of organizing the wedding and spend some quality time together. We prepared a list of the best honeymoon destinations for this summer.

The best beach honeymoon destinations

Crystal-clear blue water, pristine white sands, endless horizons, palms and cocoanut milk. You, relaxing in a hummock, enjoying the sun, listening to the sound of waves and breathing the sea air. Sounds like a perfect deal for you?


Why: There are certain fundamental truths that we don’t question. The Sun rises in the east and goes down in the west. Sea is salty. Politicians lie. Fiji is a paradise. Simple as that, Fiji has everything that one might ask for a perfect beach holiday: white sand, turquoise water, fish-packed coral reefs, scuba-diving, ecotourism and friendly locals.

What: The absolute favourites, the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands, are perfect for a relaxed holiday. You can also go to the mainland and visit the country’s two big cities: Suva, the capital, and Lautoka, a port town.

Steve Bloxham

French Polynesia

Why: There are more than 100 islands spread throughout five archipelagos: you will never get bored! Hop from one island to the other, enjoying the diversity of landscapes, breathtaking scenery and the highest class service.

What: Each island has its gems, so we would advice to stay active and try to visit as many islands as possible.

french polynesia
Ugur Ozden

The most romantic honeymoon destinations

We all have our individual perception of what is romantic and what is not. But let’s stick to the cliche here: candlelight dinners, long walks, hand in hand, picturesque scenery, sunsets, smells and flavours. Can happen anywhere, you may say. No, because the most important thing is the romantic vibe that you can feel in the air, that makes even the most callous people melt and open their hearts. Some places just have it.

Paris, France

Why: Every time you go to the City of Light, you fall in love (with the city and with each other) again and again. The opportunities for romance in Paris are endless, but apart from that, the city is famous for its delicious food and wine, glorious shopping, iconic architecture and artistic gems.

What: Each street in Paris has its history, each view is spectacular, each cafe is exquisite. Stroll through Jardin de Luxembourg, make photos next to the Love Wall in Montmartre, explore the Père Lachaise cemetery, hang a lock on one of the bridges across the Seine – don’t mind being cheesy, Paris requires you to be as romantic as possible!

Pug Girl

Venice, Italy

Why: Venice is a dream city: what can be more romantic than gliding through canals on gondola, watching the sunset, listening to the bells of San Marco? There is a local legend that says lovers will stay together forever if they kiss under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset. Whether it’s true or not, it is definitely worth a try.

What: Try inventive Venetian cuisine, listen to a serenade on a gondola ride, enjoy a glass of wine on Piazza San Marco, stroll along the narrow streets, admiring the exquisite architecture, stopping at small adorable designer shops.

Nami Quenby

The best honeymoon destinations for active couples

Lazy beach holiday is not for you? Can’t imagine a day without physical activity? Honeymoon is not an excuse to skip exercises? Great that you and your new spouse think alike: enjoy yourselves and the best destinations for sportive people!


Why: Summer is winter in the Southern Hemisphere and Chile is a hot spot for those who dream of snow and mountains all year long. Through June to late October, Chile is the best skiing destination that offers challenging terrain even for the most skilled skiers. If you prefer snow to sand, this destination is perfect for you!

What: The most popular areas like Portillo, Valle Nevado and El Colorado are easily accessible by day trip from Santiago, Chile’s capital.

Joaquín Molina

Santa Cruz, California

Why: Surfing, of course! If you are a kind of a couple that loves the sun and the sea but can’t stay still lying on the beach and listening to the sound of waves, it is a perfect match. No mater if you are a pro or new to the waves, Santa Cruz offers the best beaches for the surfers of all levels. There are also clubs that offer rock climbing classes, backpacking trips, mountain biking and wilderness survival skills instructions. Stay active!

What: Cowell Beach – great for beginners and 26th Ave/Moran Lake County Park – for more experienced surfers.

Bobby C
Bobby C


The most secluded honeymoon destinations

If you want to run away from the civilisation and spend these magical days just enjoying each other’s company – pay extra attention to the destinations below. They give a feeling that there is no one in the Universe except for you two. A private paradise, a sweet escape, a deserted island, a small house in the middle of nowhere – for those who don’t need anything else but each other.

Private Island Resort Cayo Espanto, Beliz

Why: Palm-forested white-sanded private island with amenities of a luxury resort, thoughtful staff and a range of activities that you can engage into. Cayo Espanto resort presents the ultimate in seclusion and romance. There are just seven villas on the whole island: the chance of meeting a soul during your honeymoon is close to zero.

What: Sign up for activities like sportfishing, snorkeling or diving; enjoy the haute-cuisine meals by the best chefs, served at your villa, on the beach or on the dock.


The Boathouse at Knotts End, Lake District, the UK

Why: Ever thought of a fairytale house, hidden in an enchanted forest next to a mysterious lake? A 19th-century stone boathouse with oak doors takes you away from crowds and city noises, and makes you believe in magic again. This self-catering hideaway is equipped with everything you might need for a peaceful romantic retreat, including a rowing boat and a private lake.

What: Take romantic boat trips around the lake, follow the hike trails and discover the scenic Cumbria area, or just enjoy the silence and untouched nature around.

Steve Boulton
Steve Boulton


The best honeymoon destinations for the party-goers

Being married doesn’t mean that the party time is over! You love going out and prefer all-night raves, crazy festivals and wild concerts to a peaceful getaway – check out the hottest party spots for honeymooners this summer!

Ibiza, Spain

Why: The holy land for clubbers, Ibiza offers the biggest venues in the world, featuring the world-class DJ’s (David Guetta, Jonathan Ulysses, Sven Väth et al), combined with hot sun and soft Mediterranean breeze. The never-sleeping island attracts party-goers from all over the world, giving the deluxe, crème de la crème clubbing experience – something that you will remember for the rest of your life.
What: Privilege, the world’s biggest club, the VIP Blue Marlin Ibiza that hosted Leo DiCaprio and Prince William, Bora Bora Beach Club – a long beachside bar, and many other venues are ready to open their doors for you. In the daytime, rent a scooter and make a trip around the island exploring the stunning beaches and remarkable Ibiza countryside.

Berlin, Germany

Why: Multicultural metropolis, Berlin is one of the most vibrant, dynamic and passionate cities in the world. Offering entertainment for any taste – from tiny underground clubs  to fancy cocktail events, from huge techno parties to outdoor classical concerts – the city preserves its humble, free, creative spirit, remaining unpredictable, unpretentious and irresistible.

What: Dance on a floating terrace of Watergate, admire the 19th-century dance hall of Clärchens Ballhaus and of course, try to get to the most exclusive club in Berlin – Berghain. There are a lot of things to discover during the daytime: take a bicycle excursion and see Berlin with the eyes of a local.

Clemens Grün
Clemens Grün

The most exotic honeymoon destinations

Everything listed above is still a bit boring for you? Looking for something more exotic? These destinations will rock your world, giving a life-changing experience and making your honeymoon unforgettable.


Why: Kenya has something to offer even to the most sophisticated travelers: snow-capped mountains, dry harsh deserts, dense forests, magnificent coastline, vast plains. Spectacular wildlife and majestic African tribes will definitely spice your honeymoon up.

What: Visit one of the National Parks (for instance, Nairobi National Park, Chyulu Hills National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park or any other) to spot the spectacular wildlife and have the ultimate safari experience.

Diana Robinson
Diana Robinson


Why: This magical island is perfect for honeymooners who search for startling landscapes combined with vibrant urban life. Geysers, mudpots, ice-covered volcanos, glaciers give a feeling that you are on a different planet. At the same time, vigorous nightlife of the capital Reykjavik reminds you that Iceland is still a dynamic European hotspot.

What: Bathe in natural hot springs, observe the Northern Lights, go on a whale-watching tour and embrace the power of Icelandic nature.

Moyan Brenn


Whether you prefer solitude or parties, wildlife or city vibes, sand or snow, your honeymoon will be a remarkable adventure and a start of your new life together. This magical time should definitely be recorded and the sweet memories need to be preserved forever. So don’t forget to take as many photos as possible and print them out in a gorgeous honeymoon photo book.


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