Summer Bucket List


The importance of a summer bucket list

Summer is like a short life: an unforgettable little story filled with vivid colors, dazzling feelings, shimmering emotions; long days, starry nights, hot beaches, ice-cold cocktails. Don’t miss a thing, make a summer bucket list and start completing it right now! Don’t forget to capture the brightest summer moments with your camera, so that you can go through photo book with summer pictures during cold long winter evenings, reliving those beautiful days.

We prepared some ideas for your summer 2016 bucket list. Check them out and feel free to add your own ones!


Pick wildflowers

© Olesya Kushnarenko


Eat a watermellon

Girl with a Watermelon
© Katie Cawood




Take a photo every day

Seize the Moment



Nap in a hammock

Carefree boy listening to music on mp3 player in rural hammock by Caia Images on
Caia Images



Make a homemade jam

adding fresh English cherries to the Rumtopf
© Alex




Sip a sweating glass of iced tea or lemonade

© Julia Sysoeva



Go to a pool party

pool party
© Lacoste L!VE


Come home at dawn 

© Matthias Dengler


Ride a roller-coaster

Marthinus Duckitt
© Marthinus Duckitt



Send a message in a bottle

Message in a Bottle
© Philippe STEPHANT




Blow bubbles

Blowing a soap bubbles
© Patrick Foto



Win a prize at the fair

© Rob Passmore



Watch sunset from the beach

stefano zamagni
© stefano zamagni



Go to a barbecue with friends

bbq garden party
BBQ Garden Party



Build a sandcastle

SANDCASTLE - Morro Strand State Beach
© Mike Bush




Twine a wreath of flowers

forest fairy
© Joseph Sumi




Sleep outside

© Maria Alba




Go to a flea market

Marche aux Puces de St-Ouen, Paris Flea Market
© Oleg Anisimov




Ride a horse

Where Dreams And Shadows Lie
© Sarah Allegra




Collect seashells

Collecting Seashells
© RiaPereira



Jump from a cliff

© Rory VanS




Spot a rainbow

19/365 ...It'll never get me over the rainbow
© Katie Oak Lionheart




Accept a #hashtag challenge

© agent j loves nyc




Make smoothies

Blueberry doughboy Smoothie
© Miriam




Go backpacking

© Jorge Ortiz J




Make this Independence Day exceptional

© Olivia Kate



Try water sports

Sunset surfing
Sunset surfing



Star gaze

© Luis Lopez Descartes



Fly a kite

kites and stuff 099
© Kevin




summer joy
Summer joy




Make paper boats and race

Кораблик бумажный – упрямец отважный
© TTR-Siz



Go on a road trip

© Bill Rabelo



Sleep with windows open

warm night
Brooke J



Eat an ice cream

Dog eating an ice-cream
© Tom Rayner



Join a beach volleyball game

© photographer man
© photographer man




Get into a summer rain

Summer Rain
© Lukas Kozmus




Go to a festival

Pitching your tent - Isle of Wight Festival 1970
© Herbert Frei




Walk barefoot

{ 6/52 } the arrival of spring
© *Caterina Neri



Make new friends

© Ксения Кошкарева
© Kseniya Koshkaryova



Go somewhere you have never been to before

Late afternoon
© Spinkies



Create a photo book with your summer adventures

PastBook photo book


Enjoy every moment of this beautiful summer

enjoying the sunset
© Daniel Quarg

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