Perfect photo book picks for Black Friday



Black Friday is here! That means the Christmas shopping fever has officially started! Let’s celebrate this extraordinary day by getting all the lovely gifts for your family and yourself.

Indeed, there won’t be a better day for that – those sweet Black Friday deals are don’t last forever. And we’re not an exception. With 40% discount, you’ll get the best deal on any type of our photo books.

To make your choice easier, we’ve prepared the best of the best options on what to pick with PastBook.


Option #1 Facebook and Instagram yearbook of 2016



Before we kiss 2017 goodbye, make sure you’ve got your yearbook of 2016 to be ready to enlarge your collection on January 1st with the 2017 yearbook.

Choose one of two options – a Facebook or Instagram yearbook. Either way, you’ll have a brand new yearbook ready in one click. Try it to experience how easy it is to relive your Facebook and Instagram years!

Relive your 2016


Option #2 Friendship photo book 



Do you have a loved one who you want to give something special this year? So if you’re looking for an ultimate idea of the perfect gift, look no further – a friendship photo book is what you were looking for.

In just one click, create your book with your chosen FB friend. The process is so easy and fast, yet your present can’t be more personal – what an ideal combination!

Create a Friendship photo book 


Option #3 Facebook highlight photo book



If you want to go big with your photo book, try the Facebook highlight option. What does that mean? Within just 60 seconds, we’ll pick your best photos from your entire Facebook history. Walk down memory lane and have a look on the highlights of your Facebook profile!

Relive your Facebook 

Have you chosen the right book for you? This is the best moment to get your favorite one(s) with unbelievable 40% discount! Relive your unforgettable moments now, there won’t be a better opportunity than Black Friday. Happy shopping!


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