PastBook, the FASTEST way to create a photobook



Too much hassle.

Too busy.

These are the reasons why people don’t print their photos.


Thankfully, these are all problems PastBook has solved. On average it takes a user approximately 24 seconds to create a PastBook, and even completely new users can sign in and create a photobook in under 1 minute.

Wait, under 1 minute, did you say? Yes! It’s true! Here’s a video showing one in action…

And here’s an infographic showing how PastBook is faster than all our competitors

But how can you create a photobook so quickly?

By using the new PastBook streamlined book creation process, you can connect to your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and in three easy steps you can create a book:

  • by monthly or yearly timeframes,
  • by friend
  • by albums (from Facebook)
  • by #tags (from Instagram)

Then, with just one click, your selected group of photos transforms into a beautiful album complete with titles, likes and comments. Ready to download, share with friends, or order a quality printed copy in under 1 minute.

Want to include photos from other sources, like Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, or your computer? Now you can do that too with ease, in just minutes!

Don’t believe us? Take the challenge, and time yourself.

Can you beat these following things?


50 things that take longer than creating a PastBook



01) Brushing your teeth


02) Putting new laces in your shoes


03) Frying an egg


04) Usain Bolt running 400m


PastBook is faster than...Usain Bolt running 400m
05) Michael Phelps swimming 100m


06) Painting your nails


07) Drive-through at Mcdonalds


PastBook is faster than... Drive through at McDonalds
08) Eating a banana


09) Restarting your computer


10) Changing a diaper


PastBook is faster than...Changing a diaper
11) Watching a TV commercial break


12) Taking out the recycling


13) Parking your bike in Amsterdam


PastBook is faster than...Parking a bike in Amsterdam
14) Putting together furniture from Ikea


15) Eating 13 grilled cheese sandwiches


16) Drinking a latte


17) The Stig


18) Shaving a beard


19) Allocated speech time at the Oscars


20) Toasting bread


21) Nicholas Cage stealing a car



22) Filling your car with petrol


23) Solving a Rubic’s cube while juggling


24) Taking an elevator to the top of the Burj


25) Singing your national anthem


26) Withdrawing money from an ATM


27) Drying your hair


28) Playing a game of angry birds


29) Doing the Harlem Shake


30) Plucking your eyebrows


31) Making your bed


32) Save the world with Madonna and JT (tick tock tick tock)


33) Checking your Newsfeed


34) Making 2 minute noodles


35) Ironing a shirt


36) Washing the dishes



37) Change the batteries in your smoke detectors (very important, people!)


38) Prepare a martini, shaken, not stirred


39) Booking a flight


40) Waiting in line at the bank


41) Writing a birthday card


42) Wrapping a present
PastBook is faster than... Wrapping a present
43) Reading the news headlines


44) Changing a car tyre


45) Clipping your toenails


46) Solving a sudoku


47) Uploading a photo to Instagram


48) Watering your garden


49) Waiting for the kettle to boil


50) Reading this article


You may be familiar with David Allen’s Two Minute Rule from the world-renowned time management book ‘Getting Things Done’, where if a required task takes less than 2 minutes, do it right now and it will be complete and out of the way. So simple!

So if you have been putting off making a photo album, you now have no more excuses.

Take the challenge… How fast can YOU make a book?

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