PastBook Happiness Show #7 – Halloween edition LIVE

Halloween is here! Let’s trick or treat, big time! And what’s the best way to do that? Of course, the one and only PastBook Happiness Show! 

Who else than our lovely Kate and Valentina starred in this spooky episode that has aired on FB Live. Check it out!

Halloween Edition

This 7th episode of PastBook Happiness Show embraced everything about Halloween in the cutest way possible. As always, this show is about customers and their reviews. Have a look on these top reviews from Facebook and TrustPilot mentioned in this ‘scary’ episode.

Review #1: Denise Kyle | Queensland, Australia

“I have received two books and I couldn’t be happier .. they did email to say a couple of pics weren’t of good quality but I requested for them to be added as I wouldn’t have posted if they didn’t mean something to me .. I did an 80th book for mum from Office works and these books were as good .. I will be ordering another year book later on!”.


Review #2: Yolanda Holbrook | Texas, USA

“I received my PastBook Photo Book today. I am completely satisfied with the quality of the book and all the content. I thought some of the comments may have been exaggerated; but I have to confirm all the positive remarks. I absolutely love it. I only wish a pocket-size book could have been included.”

Review #3: John Bradford | Ontario, Canada

“Your company not only delivered a beautiful delivered delicious memories. Memories that I thought were lost because of a computer crash and my fear that anything online was, in my mind, inferior quality and incapable of publication. Thank you so much. We will cherish those books as the mementos they immediately became.”

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