pastbookig-app-iconPastBook for Instagram Photo Book App brings your Instagram memories from online to offline on the go, with one easy tap! The app allows you to instantly collect your Instagram moments based on the tame range you set, in a photo book – to store digitally or turn into a beautiful hardbound keepsake delivered right to your doorstep. Facebook Photo Book app

Available on the Apple App Store or online via the Web, PastBook for Instagram helps to bring social memories from online to offline on the go, in less than 60 seconds.

Follow these simple steps and get your book in a snap!

1. Set the time range.

Pick a year, a month or select a custom time range, up to the exact date. You can create photo albums that feature a particular story: a birthday party, a one-month trip, or the first year of a new family member.


2. Tap “Get it” and relax – your book will be ready in a few seconds.


3. Your photos will be organized in chronological order, 2 per page. You can customize the book by switching your phone to the landscape mode. Tap the “Edit” button edit: now you can delete pictures, change your book’s cover, hide or show captions to the photos – all those customizations are available from the mobile. Keep in mind that if you hit the “Back” button, your book will be lost, unless you have bought it.

4. Get your memories printed! As soon as you are ready with your book, hit “Buy printed” button and enjoy your beautiful keepsake that will be delivered to your doorstep within 7-10 business days. Professionally bound hardcover books are available in two sizes and can fit up to 1000 pictures on 500 pages, printed on smooth, silky 200-gram paper.

Spread the love!

Don’t forget to share your beautiful book on social networks, let your friends browse through your Instagram photo book and encourage them to make one too!

Android users: hold tight! As you read this, we are working on the version for your phones!