New Features Bring PastBook to the Next Level

We cannot stress more how much we love your feedback – thank you for being with us, talking to us and helping us improve our product. Every day we work hard to make PastBook faster, smoother, sexier – to bring the user experience to the highest level! Check out the latest updates, enjoy the new features and please, never hesitate to contact us with your comments, propositions or if you just feel like talking :)

Full-page mode

Now you can spread the picture over the whole page – your beautiful photos should be exposed to the fullest!

preview full page

Your captions will appear on the photo, remaining perfectly readable, adapting to the pictures’ colors. All the books that you have created in the past automatically apply the full-page mode – check it yourself!

Real-time preview

You don’t need to go to the preview mode anymore to check how the changes look like: everything can be tracked simultaneously, in the real time. Just check the lower left corner!

real-time preview

New editing features

Our platform is becoming more and more smooth: now with just one click you can expand all the photos to the full-page size or minimize, so that you have 2 photos per page.

new buttons

New reorder buttons are also live: press the button “Reorder” reorder and pick how you want your photos to be displayed: in the chronological order, in reverse chronological order or organise the photos manually!

New Filepicker

Our new Filepicker Widget has fully responsive design that looks great on any device and allows to import pictures from multiple sources in one session! Grab files from your desktop, pick pictures from Picasa, import shots from Facebook, snap a photo with your webcam – everything in one dialog session. The uploading goes fast and smoothly: while the files are uploading in the background, you can continue browsing and selecting more content. Go ahead and try!

The Countdown

In order to bring you the best quality for the best price, we always have all kinds of special offers and promotions going on. Please meet the Countdown: if you manage to create your PastBook fast enough, you can get a discount on your order! Check the website for deals and promotions!

Seems like a difficult thing to do? Not at all, with PastBook you can easily make a photo book in less than a minute! 

Create your PastBook now!

We want you to have the best experience with PastBook: that’s why we keep on working on the new features, optimising the user experience. Stay tuned, more awesomeness is coming up soon!


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