NEW! Dropbox and Google Photos Books in Just 1 Click



The very same printing revolution that PastBook started with Facebook and Instagram is now available for Dropbox and Google Photos. From now on, you are able to create beautiful Dropbox and Google Photos books in just 1 click.


Dropbox and Google Photos Books Ready in 1 Click

With this new feature, the process of making the photo book has become so easy. Before, if you wanted to include your photos from one of these 2 sources, you would have to create a photo book from scratch and manually upload each photo. Now, it is simply a matter of 1 click.  


How It Works

Creating a PastBook photo book in just 1 click takes only 60 seconds. In order to make this so quick, you first choose a main source of your beautiful pictures – either Google Photos or Dropbox.

Then, you pick either a folder, multiple folders, or individual photos that will go into your photo book from the particular source.

After you decide what picturesque photos should be included in the photo book, you just click on one button and your newest memory keepsake is created.

Afterwards, you can still add pictures from additional sources like your computer, Flickr, or Instagram. Also, it is possible to play with the inserted photos and switch them around or even completely delete them. Once you’re happy with your photo book, click on the ‘Checkout’ button to buy your memories printed.


Create Your Dropbox & Google Photos Book

No more theory, let’s try this 1-click magic in practice. If you fancy creating a Dropbox photo book in 1 click, try it here. In case you prefer Google Photos as your primary source, go ahead here.


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