A look back to what we did for you in 2014

In 2014 we’ve been working hard to bring a set of new cool features you asked for, and we want take a moment to highlight the ones that make the PastBook experience even more exciting and fascinating!

Deliver Happiness is incredibly important to us and we’ve been delighted to hear great feedbacks and suggestions that allowed us to build a service that meet our customers needs!

Read ahead to learn all the new features (and see which ones you might already known!)


★ Reviewing Pictures

After uploading your pictures, review them before adding to the book (write/import texts, dates, captions) or add them directly to your photo album!

Review pictures


★ Importing Captions

When you review pictures (see above), you can now import together with the photos, all your captions from your social networks, clicking “Import Caption” for each photo.

Import captions


★ Minimized and Expanded Pictures

Choose how you’d like to see your pictures, 2 minimized pictures or 1 big expanded picture per page!

Pictures adding big small


★ Faster Pictures Editing

In our Edit panel, use the small symbol on each picture to edit your photos faster. Delete, minimize/expand, edit in just one click!

Edit photos


★ Magic Blur Background

New default background theme that makes your photo album more vibrant and colorful, adding a perfect context to your pictures !

Magic Blur background


★ Gift Card

You pick the amount. Your loved one creates the photo album and gets it printed! We can send the Gift Card by email or by post – suprise your special one:

Gift Card

★ Premium Plan

Keep your story forever online upgrading to our Premium Plan. We offer a monthly subscription of $5 or a one time fee of $99! After 21 days from the creation of the book, your story will be available only in View mode. Active the Premium Plan to make your story last forever and take more advantages. (i.e unlimited content, custom Url, no advertising)

Premium Plan


★ Personal Quote

Write a personal quote and we will add it at the beginning of your book. Select the option on our Add-ons list for just $10, during the purchasing of the book and make your photo album even more unique!



★ Double size book

Print your story, BIGGER! The new size 12×8.5″ – 30x21cm is now available! Choose this option on our Add-ons list for an extra amount of $19, during the purchasing of the book!



★ iPhone app

We love mobile and we know that you use your smartphone to take most of your pictures on the go. That’s why we launched our first version of the iPhone app to collect photos from friends and make beautiful photo books, in a snap:

Stay tuned for an updated version in 2015, also for Android!



★ Relive you Year

Pick 1 year, pick 1 social network and all your photos and captions will be automatically added in your book! (go back until 2003). To learn more check here or try it directly at

Schermata 2014-12-09 alle 11.30.16


You can read more about our service and all the other features, checking our HELP&FAQ.

Please keep sharing with us your feedback and needs and we’ll make sure to make them happening in 2015!
For the moment, we wish you an awesome new years full or great memories!




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