Instagram Astronomical theme

Have you decided to create your first Instagram Pastbook? :-)

I was inspired of the way things are visualized in the field of astronomy and I believe it is great to remember once in a while that there is so much more above our blue skies…! So I have included a small graph showing where is our Earth in relation to the Sun every month.

Just above you see how The Earth is positioned every month (starting with January on the left side) in relation to The Sun.

To give your instagram PastBook a little twist, I have also made the day calculation different. Do you imagine people making a count down of days in a remote place? We are all quite familiar with the stroke system even though it is never applied broadly, except to teach the kids numbers! :)

Here you have to add-up the strokes to know the amount of days and the amount of hours. It’s pretty simple once you’re used to the idea that 4 strokes crossed with 1 stroke makes 5. So you just add-up piles of fives…

Here’s how it looks like.

In addition to this “science” we have added several backgrounds for you to play with!

A new version of Pastbook is coming soon as well!


Here are some examples of Instagram PastBook: Astronomy, Friends, Memories, Italy. Create your own and share it here and with your friends! ;-)

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