How to create a school photo book for your child?

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Photos from your spawn’s school days have been piling up throughout the whole year: time to organise them in a neat school photo book! It is a perfect way to celebrate the end of the school year: together with your child, his classmates, teachers and parents, create a school photo book  – easy and fast!

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Kids raised in the digital age might not fully understand a real value of the printed photos, but you know better: imagine your child’s face lighting up in a few years when he or she flips through the pages of a photo book, reviving the brightest school moments collected all together. It would be a shame to deprive your kid from this opportunity, and here is why.

Why a school photo book is important?

A perfect reminder

In 10, 15, 20 years your kid will go to the school reunion. The more time will have passed since the school graduation, the more memories will fade away. What was the name of the chemistry teacher? Do you remember that field trip to Disneyland? They made a stunning show for us with different Disney characters, but which ones exactly? Sure, we staged some performances, we even won some prizes. Do you remember which year was that? A photo book with pictures from the school days will serve as a perfect reminder of the brightest school days!


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An answer to the social media madness

Nowadays, a great part of our lives is shared online on social networks, which is great: we always have the access to the latest updates on what is going on with our loved ones. However, new media pop up every day, photos are shared through different networks and end up being scattered across the World Wide Web. Kids acquire their digital identity even before they start understanding what it actually means. How do you like an idea of easily collecting all the photos from various social networks, plus everything that is stocked on your computer, hard drive and camera? With PastBook you can collect all the school photos of your child at one place –  fast and easy.

A way to relive the cherished moments

Printed photos have a certain sentimental value: no matter which generation you belong to, old photo albums always bring a certain thrill. A school photo book is not only a collection of the school pictures – it is also a contribution to the family legacy – the biographical documentation of your kid’s youth.

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Why PastBook?

It is fast

Your time is precious, that is why creating a school book with PastBook is easy and fast. Actually, ridiculously easy and fast: the whole process of creating a book takes less than a minute! Hard to believe? Try it yourself!

It is easy

There are no confusing layouts, the photos are automatically organised, plenty of step-by-step instructions and tutorials: to make the process of creating a photo book as enjoyable as possible.

It is forever

You photos will be stored safely at one place, you always can have access to them: just create your kid’s school book and keep on uploading new photos.

It is fun!

Creating a school book doesn’t have to be a one-person activity. With PastBook you can collaborate with other parents, teachers and even your kid’s friends – everyone can contribute to creating a school book! Moreover, you can play with the layouts, add funny captions and comments to the pictures, pick different background colors, add quotes – they only limit is your imagination!

How to create a school book?

With PastBook you can easily create an album with your kid’s school photos to save the memories forever. There are plenty of options on how to collect the pictures in one photo book:
  • You can manually upload the photos from your computer, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr, and more! 
  • If your kid is already on the social networks, you can make a customisable Facebook or Instagram photo book with the best shots from your kid’s school life.
  • You can also revive the whole Facebook or Instagram year or create an album filtered by hashtag – just in one click.
  • Classmates, teachers and parents can contribute to the album by creating a Collaborative photo book.
  • New  iOS app allows you to collect photos from your iPhone – they are automatically stored in your PastBook album!

And many many other ways to collect your kid’s school photos and create a beautifully designed photo album – a perfect gift for the end of the school year!

Create Your School Photo Book Now! or read step-by-step instructions!

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