How to Celebrate Independence Day?

iconHave you already come up with a plan how to celebrate Independence Day? We prepared a Fourth of July bucket list for you! By the way, we also came up with the Independence Day hashtag challenge! Ready to accept? Scroll down and learn the rules!

Independence Day is definitely one of the most favourite American holidays, in some families it is celebrated even on a bigger scale than Christmas. The story of the Independence Day dates back to 1776, when the Declaration of independence from Great Britain was adopted by the Continental Congress. One of the signers, John Adams, wrote to his wife, Abigail, stating that this day was going to be the most important day in the history of the United States. He also gave recommendations on how to celebrate it: “It ought to be celebrated by pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other…”

That is pretty much what the Fourth of July is today: filled with parades, barbecues, fireworks, family reunions, baseball games and eating contests. If you haven’t made plans for the weekend yet, check out our bucket list for the Independence Day.

Fly a flag

The first thing you should do in the morning is to hang a flag on the roof of your house, car, or attach it to the poll in the yard if you have one. Remember that flag is a symbol of the country and should be treated respectfully and cared for. Check the flag etiquette for the proper ways to display the flag.

Olivia Kate
Olivia Kate

Get together

Do you know your neighbours well? The Fourth of July gives a great opportunity to get to know people from your block better and strengthen the community spirit in the neighbourhood! Arrange a block party: invite all your neighbours and make an old-fashioned get-to-know-each-other party. Ask everyone to bring their grills and food – and stuff your stomachs with delicious hamburgers, hotdogs and home-made ice-cream.

Be patriotic

Go crazy with the national colors today: pick striped-starred outfit, draw the American flag on your nails, paint faces, decorate the house with blue, white and red. Check 100 patriotic ideas in A night Owl’s blog: everything you might think of, from decorations to cooking recipes!


Go to a parade

Dress accordingly, apply the sunscreen and go to the local parade. Enjoy the sense of community standing next to your neighbours, observe the bands, military units, horses passing by and handing out the candies. Historic cities like Boston and Philadelphia throw huge celebrations with televised concerts and reenactment of historic scenes. In Flagstaff, Arizona, you can participate in the American Indian rodeo and in Lititz, Pennsylvania, you can attend the candle festival where hundreds of candles float in water and a “Queen of Candles” is chosen. Alaska holds the Pink Salmon festival and residents in Valdez celebrate the Fourth of July with kayak jousting.

Blow things up

There is definitely something magical in the process of firing something in the air and blowing things up. The fireworks were around since the very first 4th of July in 1777: they were made of black ash and were shot off in order to celebrate the American independence. Attend a local fireworks stand and go crazy with the noise and light. Or check out one of the firework shows, there are plenty of them throughout the country: they won’t disappoint you!

Panu Tangchalermkul
Panu Tangchalermkul

Make an ice cream

The Independence day can easily get hot, you can cool yourself down with a homemade ice cream! It doesn’t have to be too complicated, there are plenty of simple ice cream recipes. You can make a plain vanilla ice cream and add whatever ingredients you want in there. Here is a simple recipe (courtesy of Simply Scratch):


2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 cup milk
¾ cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoons good quality vanilla
healthy pinch of sea salt


Place ice cream maker (bowl portion) into the freezer and chill according to manufactures instructions.
For ice cream base, measure all ingredients into a large bowl. Stir to combine and dissolve sugar – about 3 minutes. Assemble ice cream maker and pour cream mixture into machine. Churn until frozen. Spoon ice cream into airtight container and freeze 4 hours to overnight to freeze completely. Serve as desired

Simply Scratch


Participate in an eating contest

Eating contests are hold all over the United States throughout the whole year, but on the Independence Day the country goes mad with Hot Dog Eating Contests. There is actually a reason behind it: on the 4th of July in 1916 four immigrants had a dispute, trying to decide who is the most patriotic among them. In order to find it out, they decided to check who can eat more hot dogs – a strange connection to the patriotism – but well, the tradition was caught on. Celebrate the Independence Day by participating in one of the Hot Dog Eating Contests, or host one yourself. Don’t get too competitive though: life is not only about winning, it is about enjoying the process!

Christopher Sterling Ledesma
Christopher Sterling Ledesma

Adopt an unusual tradition

If celebrations of the Independence Day repeat each other every year, try to do something different! You can get inspired by the way other countries celebrate their Independence Day. For instance, Peruvians play folk and Creole music in public plazas and parks and get engaged into three traditional festivals: cockfighting, bullfighting, and Peruvian paso horse exhibitions. In India people like to fly kites on the Independence Day. Indonesians play a very popular game panjat pinang, which involves climbing palm trees greased with clay and oil to hopefully win a prize (such as a bike or TV) hung from the tree.

I Gede Lila Kantiana
I Gede Lila Kantiana

Save the memories!

Document the Independence Day celebration by taking as many photos as possible. When sharing them on social networks, don’t forget to apply hashtags: #IndependenceDay, #FourthOfJuly, #JulyFourth or #4thOfJuly. After the holiday we will pick your best photos and publish them in our blog. Go even further, and create a photo book to keep the memories forever! With PastBook, you can invite your neighbours, friends and family members to contribute to the photo book and add their own photos from the Independence Day celebrations. Moreover, the photos can be easily imported from the social networks and filtered by hashtag or time range! When printed, you can distribute the photo books to the whole neighbourhood: a perfect way strengthen the community spirit and make new friends!

Create a Photo Book now


Happy Independence Day!

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