How a photo book can be the perfect gift

Are you often stressing about what to give your friend or loved one on their birthday, anniversary or other special occasion? You want to give them something meaningful, which they can keep for a lifetime, but you can’t quite think of the perfect gift…

The gift of a personal photo book, filled with special moments and shared memories is the ideal solution in these situations. It’s versatile as it suits many occasions including mother’s/father’s day, weddings or engagements, even graduations or farewells! People love seeing the thought and effort that was put into their gift.

There are two options for making a photo book, the old-fashioned way or digital way, or even a mix of both! Here we explore the benefits of each option:




The good old-fashioned manual photo book offers unlimited flexibility to personalise and be creative, but you will need to allow for some time and effort. In terms of materials, you’ll need to buy an empty photo album or blank book, printed photos and collect some additional decorations or bits and pieces.

Depending on the situation, a simple book focusing on the photos may suffice, or you may want to go the way of a highly decorated book. To spruce up your book, you can use virtually anything that lays flat! This is the part where you can be as creative as you want. Some ideas are ticket stubs, pressed flowers, leaves, maps, postcards, stickers, ribbons, stamps, random scraps of paper and glitter.

It’s also helpful to include dates of the photos, and if you wish, headings or comments. You can include anecdotes like ‘Remember when’, ‘How we met’, ‘Our funniest moment’, ‘First day of school,’ or ‘When we went to’. If you’re feeling ultra creative you can even include sketches, write poems, or if it’s for a grandparent or parent, add footprints or handprints of your kids.

How much effort you put into the album is up to you, but ultimately it will be rewarded when they receive their beautiful handmade album!




These days, technology has made it simpler to create a photo album that is highly personalised and just as attractive as if you had made it the old-fashioned way.

This is where PastBook comes in to save you time!

To make a PastBook gift-worthy photo album all you’ll need is a Facebook or Instagram account, a bit of creativity and just a few minutes!

Firstly, PastBook is configured with Facebook and Instagram, allowing you to use photos that are already online. You can arrange the photos how you like, deleting ones you don’t want to be included. The dates and headings of the photos, as well as comments and likes are included. You can also upload your sketches and poems to Facebook or Instagram, and use them as part of your album.

The next step is to choose a beautiful theme, and voila! Your photo album is complete in just a few clicks.

Once your PastBook is printed and delivered to your door, you’re free to personalise your album. If you want to retain a crafty feel, you have the option of manually adding stickers, souvenirs and drawings to your PastBook.

Another advantage of PastBook is that it is more streamlined than old-fashioned photo albums. You can fit more photos into a smaller book, which saves much needed space on your bookshelf. With a PastBook you also eliminate the risk of photos becoming unstuck and falling out. PastBook is made for long term keeps!  It is truly something your loved one can enjoy for years to come.


So what type of photo album would you prefer – An old fashioned album or a PastBook?

Check out PastBook now, it’s easy and free to try!



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