“Having a book of memories to share with others” – Interview with Priyanka



Valentine’s Day is one of the most significant celebrations of love all around the world. Enjoying this romantic holiday every year can be quite challenging especially when it comes to gifts.

That’s why we wanted to inspire you by the story of a gorgeous couple Priyanka and Anurag who created a beautiful Moments of Love PastBook to celebrate their love this year. Read their beautiful story that has already lasted over a decade and created so many memories to share with everyone!

PastBook: To start off, can you tell me a bit about you and your husband Anurag?

Priyanka: (laughs) Well, about me and my husband… We first met in India, of course. Then considering he was working in Europe, I decided to move out and stay with him there (laughs), that’s how it worked. Anyway, we’re together for more than 10 years now.

PastBook that’s incredible! How did you guys meet?

Priyanka: We met at one of our friends’ wedding.

PastBook: Oh, that’s so cute! At the wedding, did you notice him right away?

Priyanka: Actually, I was made to notice him (laughs) because our friend wanted to introduce us, saying ‘this is my friend, he lives in Amsterdam and you need to meet him’ and I said ‘Ok’, fine (laughs). And apparently, he – my husband – said the same thing and was also very excited as well.


PastBook: By the way, how come he’s not here at this interview? :)

Priyanka: Yeah, he’s quite busy with his work but he wished to be here as well.

PastBook: We’re fine anyway because you can provide all the answers!

Priyanka: Exactly! (laughs)

PastBook: I just wanted to have it out there (laughs). If you can speak for both of you, what’s your favorite thing about each other?

Priyanka: Well, when it comes to me what I like about him is that he’s himself. I just know him so well that I can say what he would do and what he would not do in a situation or any situation for that matter. He’s very predictable which is very good for me and I really like it (laughs). And I think the reason why he likes me is that I let him be himself. I don’t tell him: ‘I want you to be like that’. All in all, I don’t want him to be another person. And that’s one of the main reasons why we’ve lasted this long…

PastBook: And still going strong…

Priyanka: Yes! (laughs)

PastBook: Your story is so beautiful. Changing a subject a bit, what’s one funny story you have together and want to share with us?

Priyanka: Funny you said? There are so many! It’s so difficult to choose one (laughs).

PastBook: What about the funniest then? 

Priyanka: I think it was once we were traveling with a few friends. He basically likes faking accents (laughs). We were actually in Eastern Europe, we went to Budapest. That time, he was talking in British accent throughout the entire trip. Even when he had to talk to a waiter serving us food in a restaurant. He was just stuck on that accent, talking like that the whole trip (laughs). We were all done in the end, we were like ‘You need to stop that now” (laughs). And he just went on. After we came back it was so funny as he was talking in that accent because he got so used to it. Initially, he was faking it but eventually, he got stuck with it for a while! (laughs)

PastBook: That’s funny! That could work for some people… (laughs)

Priyanka: Faking the accent and suddenly getting that accent doesn’t sound bad.

PastBook: That’s a dream! (laughs)

Priyanka: True! (laughs)


PastBook: Talking about dreams, why did you actually decide to create the Moments of Love PastBook?

Priyanka: Well, we have so many pictures! Right from when we got married, and of course before as well. I just wanted to get them together and create a book so we could share it with people who come to our house and they could see our life, places we have traveled to and other memories. That’s the main reason why I really wanted to create this book.

PastBook: When your lovely visitors go through your book, what photos will they find?

Priyanka: They will find almost our whole life journey together because there are photos since the time we’ve met – when he used to come back to India and visit me there… and then when we got married, and after that different places we visited, so it’s a huge book (laughs).

PastBook: Yes, it’s quite big (laughs). Why do you think people should create a photo book for themselves?

Priyanka: I think people should create a book because a lot of times you know you have snapped a lot of pictures, memories of many places but they are scattered online. That’s why it’s always nice to have something that compiles them – like our PastBook, which is perfect!

PastBook: That makes so much sense. Thank you for your time put in this interview!

Priyanka: It was a pleasure!

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