From pens to pixels and back.

This is a blog post about the magic that happens before designing, during it and after! (:

Design is always expressed by using certain tools. Even though a pen and a computer mouse in theory can do similar things, in reality my hand gives me much more freedom not necessarily in expression but in terms of thought. I find tactile approach more inspiring as there are less controled strokes and shapes than on the computer. Unconsiously it keeps my mind going and seeing different things on the same’s quite surprising once in a while!

All my projects have been born on paper. Even if my final design is on the screen or printed from a digital file.

Despite the fact, I love the position between the digital and tangible worlds. I always go back and worth from one to another.

One thing that is always helpful – have your eyes open! Inspiring things can come up from the most dull places!

Do you know the fact that our mind is very much programmed to recognize different faces? That’s why we can see human-like facial expressions on completely abstract things (like the strange story about faces on Mars surface)…I used to go to my hairdresser’s to cut my hair and once I would be seated to have my hair washed, I would watch the ceiling and count how many faces I see there. This kind of way of looking at objects around me helps to see my work in different perspectives.


Funny subjected, to be honest. If you ask any artist what is inspiration to them and where it comes from, you
would hear as many different answers as there are artists.

It is highly subjective and a lot of times depends on different factors, so can you grasp and control it?

I try to understand and remember those moments where I felt like ideas would pour out of my mind so the next time I could try to recreate them.However, sometimes it takes to drink a nice cup of coffee, other times you need a long walk away from the noise or simply a good night sleep.

One rule: always have a pen and a notebook wherever you are! :) Good ideas can come anytime anywhere. (for me a lot of time it happens right before I fall asleep)

On the other hand, instead of depending on the accidental creativity, you can train yourself and concentrate on a subject here and now.

Whatever you may be designing – there must be a certain logic behind, so it really involves a lot of thinking. I try to set myself for “work” for a certain time and than I need a switch to forget what I was doing and thinking – it is easier to continue with design when each time you come back to it – you have a fresh mind.

My favorite scetching tools? Fine liner and colored paper (light yellow or light pink).
Best time for working? Between 8-11am or very late at night (of course I adapt to the situation, if needed ;) )

Biggest frustration during the creative process? To get this nice “slap in the face” right before you think you’re done: when you discover that in essence the whole design is just wrong. Sometimes you just cannot predict those things but you learn a lot, especially if you manage to discover your own mistakes.

It’s really a good lesson to fall right before the finish line..


—-> Check out some of my scetches! (: <—–



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