Flickr photo books made easy with PastBook


Are you a passionate Flickr fan? As you might know Flickr just announced the shut down of Wall Art – its print service. But do not worry, we’re ready for everything and you can easily make a beautiful Flickr photo book in a matter of seconds with PastBook.

Truly, Flickr is a great place to store, organize and share photos. In order to make those incredible memories tangible, turn them into a neat professionally designed Flickr photo book. Why not create a Flickr photo book choosing the photos straight from your Flickr account? It’s really simple!


Flickr photo books made easy

Creating a photo book from your Flickr is easier than you might think. All you need to is to select either a whole folder or handpick photos from your Flickr account. When you submit your selection, a beautiful PastBook photo book will be automatically created. Of couse, you can edit your book afterwards – change a cover, delete some unwanted pictures, or reshuffle them a bit. Flick photo books are indeed made easy – try it yourself! 

Create Your Flickr Photo Book Now


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