When did your story start? When did it end? Pick a year, month and day, click “Create” – we will do the rest for you! All your Facebook pictures, including the ones you were tagged in, are automatically filtered by time range. Showcase your adventures in a stylish Facebook Photo Book by Time Range!

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Create a stylish Facebook Photo Book by Time Range in just a few seconds!

Create your Facebook Book by Time Range or read step-by-step instructions below.

Define the time range 

Your story definitely has a time range. Was it a weekend away? A one-month trip? Or maybe exactly 1000 days since you got this amazing job? Define the time range of your story, with the exact day, month and year, and we will do the rest for you!

facebook photo book


The Pictures are automatically filtered

Log in with your Facebook account or email. With your permission, we will connect to your Facebook and select the pictures with the Time Range you picked.

facebook book


Perfect! Your book is ready!

Your pictures will appear 2 per page, with captions & dates. Browse through your book’s pages, hover your mouse over any photo and you’ll see a pencil and a trash bin. Pencil means “customize”, trash bin means “delete”.

facebook by time range photo book


If you click on the pencil, you’ll be able to rotate the photo, write a caption to it, set it full-page or minimize it, remove or set it as a cover.

photo books


For extra customizations click “Customize” button in the upper right corner. Now you can add more moments to your PastBook, change or remove the cover, show or hide titles and dates, rearrange the photos (chronologically, manually or reverse order), change the layout of the book and more! You can also add more photos from any source and device, anytime you want.

Google photos photo book


Click on the “Add moments” button and add more photos from your computer, Dropbox, Picasa,Flickr, Instagram and more!

add photos


Don’t forget to share your photo book with your friends on Twitter and Facebook!

Screenshot 2016-04-05 15.34.55


Invite people!

Click on “Add pictures” and pick “Invite friends” or simply share the link to your book on your social networks or via email. Your  friends will be able to add their photos to your book!

BONUS! Invite at least 10 friends and you’ll get a FREE printed copy of your photo album.

Screenshot 2016-04-05 15.37.30


Click “Preview” when you are ready, browse the book, hit the green “Buy Printed” button and proceed to checkout. You can get as many copies of the book as you want – for each family member! Before buying your book you can upgrade it by changing its size, adding a personal quote and customizing the back cover.

Screenshot 2016-04-07 18.30.57


Your photos are printed in a professionally crafted photo album and can be quickly delivered to any part of the world!


Create Your Facebook Book by Time Range Now!

A perfect way to re-live the best moments from the past! You can also relive one Facebook year and create a Yearbook in just one click or create a Facebook photo book from scratch. Try no or read our step-by-step instructions:

Facebook Yearbook

Facebook Scrapbook


Turn your photos into a beautifully printed book!

Once you are ready with your photo album, you can order it printed in just one click, using the “Buy Printed” button and following the instructions on the form.

Your photos are printed in a professionally crafted photo album and can be quickly delivered to any part of the world!

Make a the perfect gift for a friend or a special keepsake for yourself!



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