Facebook Friends Day: Celebrate Your Friendship With a Photo Book!

Facebook Friends Day has created a lot of buzz on the social network – no wonder, true friendships must be celebrated! We take a step further and encourage you to relive all the amazing moments you shared with your friends in a beautiful photo book! In one click, all Facebook photos where you and your friends are tagged are instantly imported in your Friends Day photo book. Try it now!

To mark its 12th birthday, Facebook announced a new feature that celebrates our friends and connections. Today Facebook is sending personalized friendship videos to its 1.5 billion users all over the world – you will be able to see yours at the top of your News Feed or by selecting “watch yours” after viewing a friend’s video. The film highlights the experiences that you shared with your friends: photos, timeline messages and comments. You can customize the content and share the video on your timeline.

Facebook Friends Day

According to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, “our friendships make the world work”, and there is always a good reason to celebrate friends and remind ourselves of the things that really matter.

“Friendship isn’t a distraction from the meaningful things in life. Friendship is what gives meaning to our lives.”

– Mark Zuckerberg

We can’t agree more with Mr. Zuckerberg: friends are the people who keep us standing, help us move forward and always have our backs. We share a lot of stuff, but most importantly, we share memories. We encourage you to go a step further and celebrate your friends with a unique and special Friends Day Photo Book.



It’s easy!

Log in with your Facebook account or email, pick the friends that you want to include in your photo book (as many as you want) and click “Create”. All Facebook photos where you and your friends are tagged will be instantly imported in your Friends Day photo book. Browse through all the amazing moments you shared together, and bring those memories to life.

Get your Friends Day photo book now!

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Share it on Facebook, tag your friends and invite them to add more moments to your PastBook. The photo book is fully customizable, you can add more photos from Instagram, Dropbox, Picasa, Flickr, your computer or phone. Rearrange pictures, change the cover and background colors, add captions and more!

Turn all those magical moments you shared together into a gorgeous photo book – a unique, personal and finely crafted keepsake delivered right to your doorstep. Invite 10 people to participate in creating your Friends Day Photo Book and get one copy for free! Get your Friends Day photo book


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So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.”

– Helen Keller

Facebook Friends Day

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