Customer Stories: Your Reviews in June

Customer Stories reviews

We are happy to launch our new series of articles “Customer Stories”. In this series, we will share stories of our beloved customers: what was the reason behind creating a PastBook, what was the overall experience and the final result. Read these three stories from our customers (the best reviews in June), get inspired and order your very own PastBook!

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Our customers have different stories and different reasons to create photo books. But they all have at least one thing in common: they love PastBook. And we love them ❤️ We went through the customer reviews that people left for us on Trustpilot and picked the most exciting stories from June. Do you also have an interesting story to share? Let us know, and you might be featured in our blog next time!

Story #1: Memento Book

Our wonderful customer Cindy decided to create an everlasting memento for her Grandchildren using Facebook pictures. We were more than happy to help her do it: we believe that memories need to be cherished and carefully preserved. Can’t wait to help Cindy with her next photo book project!

Memories for my Grandchildren…

The joy of selecting my own photos from Facebook – being able to share what has been important to me over several years – to add appropriate wording and even clearly see the edited version in front of me was exciting, but even more so when the book arrived – the quality, the finish, and the amazing colours – they all reproduced so well in book form. Thank you to PastBook – this brings comfort and excitement, that my Grandchildren have a memento to remember their Grandma’s style and love of beautiful images, along with some great photos that had been taken of them over the years. Next goal is something special for our two sons… I love the ability to dream and scheme and so much can be achieved through the PastBook experience… <3

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Customer Stories reviews

Story #2 Holiday Memories.

It often happens that our customers come back to us after receiving their first PastBook and create more of them. No wonder: bright memories are made every day and turning them into a photo book is the best way to hold on to them. Our beloved customer Leslie ordered not one, not two but three (!) photo books with her holiday pictures and was very pleased with the result. That’s what she shared with us:

I love my books

I appreciated the quick email response I received for the questions I had regarding my second and third books. It is refreshing to have quick, concise, and helpful advice. Customer service was wonderful.
I love my books! I love the high quality. I love the wrap around photo (of my choice) cover. I love them.
We have taken some great holidays, and have shared the trips on Facebook. Now, I am able to have the photos together to enjoy myself.
The PastBooks are a brilliant idea. Good on this company to think of it, and provide a quality product.

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Customer Stories reviews

Story #3: The first-timer.

If you are hesitant to create your very first photo book or don’t know where to start, let us give you a piece of advice: just do it! You will see how easy and straightforward everything is. We lay out your book in the best way possible, all you need to do is to press one button. Betty decided to trust us with her photos and the result was outstanding. Follow Betty’s example, let us do the work for you!

My first purchase!

I was pleased with the pictures, the quality of the book, the layouts, and size of my book. I didn’t do a thing this time, left it all up to you! Very pleased. I will order again!

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Customer stories

Are you one of the happy customers? We can’t wait to hear your story! Haven’t tried PastBook yet? Let us show you how awesome we are! Order your photo book and join thousands of our happy customers! Share your experience with PastBook on Trustpilot and get a chance to be featured in our “Customer Stories” series. Inspired enough?

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customer stories

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