Covers tell stories


The Instagram Pastbook does not only collect your memories but also connects you to the vast cosmos!

So far we have 1 cover design online; you can switch between 4 different background colors.
In this cover you can see a block of days that reflects time. It’s based on the same day counting with strokes as I have explained in my previous post about the Instagram Pastbook design.

Have a look on the right side of the cover: you can see our Earth on its way around the Sun and in this particular position it’s somewhere in the month of April…my favourite time of the year! ;-)




To give you some insights about it, I have played with the similar elements of the Astronomical style and tried to reflect cosmos in suttle and abstract ways.. 

In this new design the centered planet is Your Planet. Same way as the Little Prince has in A.S.Exupéry’s story. Even though people have discovered that our little Earth is not the center of the universe – Your Own Planet is always right in the middle! :)



The two connecting icons are the old Helenic simbols for the Earth (on the right) and the Sun (on the left).

At the moment we are developing the updated Pastbook with more social networks included and here you can see some of the examples for the covers. They are not related to the Astronomy anymore so in the future you can expect different themes to be available! :)

Which one is your favourite? Let us know!




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