7 Awesome Snapchat Facts You Didn’t Know


5 years ago, Snapchat is created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. Today, the application has more than 300 million monthly active users. Especially after 2014, Snapchat added many features such as “Geofilters“, “Stories” and “Discover” as well as cool “Spectacles” glasses by increasing its active users. Even though active Snapchat users know almost all the features of the app, we found some others, 7 awesome Snapchat facts you probably didn’t know.

1. Success after failing 34 times.

Even though Evan Spiegel seems more at the forefront, Snapchat was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown when they were students at Stanford University. The idea for Snapchat is found while they were preparing their final project. In one of the interviews, Spiegel mentioned that they failed on almost 34 projects until they found Snapchat.

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2. Once called Picaboo.

Did you know that Snapchat was once called as Picaboo as an iOS-only app? Picaboo was renamed as Snapchat in 2012, after rebranding and launching the app available for Android users as well.

3. Over 100 Million users everyday.

Snapchat has over 100 million users everyday which shows the popularity of the app. Imagine, everyday, more than 100 Million people open Snapchat and send crazy snaps to their friends.

4. Over 1 Billion snaps everyday.

Yes, you read it right. Users snap over 1 billion times in total everyday. We have a lot to share, what to do!

5. More than 400 million Snapchat stories per day.

Snapchat stories, a photo or post that you post as part of your “stories” section, is created with some further developments in 2013. Everybody liked it so much, and at the end, Snapchat has more than 400 million Snapchat stories per day now!

6. Ghostface Chillah.

When you open the app, you see the mascot on the logo of Snapchat that is also known as “Ghostface Chillah”. “Ghostface Chillah” was a name Brown derived from Ghostface Killah of the group Wu-Tang Clan. Well, creative!


7. Drinks are a popular feature.

The recent statistics shows that most of the Snapchat users send the photo to somebody else of their drinks! Of course, a delicious cocktail must be shared with everyone!

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