6 reasons PastBook is the best gift for Father’s Day



Did you know Father’s Day is just around the corner? Yes, it’s here again.

We all know the struggle to find something perfect for our dads every single year for their birthday, let alone any additional holidays we ought to celebrate.

Not only they’ve got already everything they need, but also you are most likely to impress them with the classic effortless gifts such as flowers or chocolate.

What can you do, then? Well, glad you asked.

A gift like a photo book might not have made to top 10 Father’s Day gifts before, but we’re about to change your mind. Here are 6 reasons the PastBook photo book is the perfect gift for Father’s Day you need to give this year.

Reason #1: Personal & easy-to-make ‘gadget’

fathers-day-gift-gadgets (2)


The best gifts are always those which are most personal. However, making such a customizable gift can take ages.

Not with PastBook. With just one click, your Father’s Day photo book is ready to be printed. How is it possible? PastBook uses the superpower of social media. In seconds, all Facebook photos of you and your dad are instantly collected in a beautiful photo book.

Customize the cover, add or delete some photos and order your personalized gift in a few minutes from starting creating it.


Reason #2: The ultimate cure for the memory


Memory is a tricky thing. No matter the age, we simply cannot remember all the amazing moments of a year, not to mention an entire lifetime.

Thanks to this beautiful keepsake, all the best family photos will be safely stored in a book to flip through anytime you feel like going down memory lane.


Reason #3: Reusable & Practical ‘tool’



Dads are always striving to be as practical as possible when it comes to the area of shopping.

That’s why PastBook works perfectly for them. This Father’s Day gift is reusable not only by him but also even by different members of the family.

Plus, PastBook represents a practical tool for remembering important moments of his life. Maybe a good way to remind him of an anniversary?


Reason #4: The storage of value



Most of the items we buy are losing value over time. The opposite happens to PastBook. The longer you have your book of memories, the more it means to you.

And not only that. The lovely photos in the book can be already lost somewhere on the old flash drive or computer. In other words, PastBook belongs to your dad’s investment portfolio.


Reason #5: For every taste & style

fathers-day-gift-style-taste (2)-min


Do you remember the time when you bought that irresistible watches to your dad, seeing just an apologetic smile on his face?

Choosing a gift is sometimes like winning a lottery. You’d better bet on the safe horse rather than double checking the return policy.


Reason #6: Original gift



No matter if your dad is used to celebrate the Father’s Day or not, PastBook will definitely surprise your hero on his special day.

Make his day and create the Father’s Day photo book for him in one click today.


All in all, the PastBook photo book is the absolute Father’s day gift this year.

This nostalgic book of memories is perfect for him to be reminded every day how much you love him! And creating a PastBook photo book is so easy – everything’s done just with one click! Try it now.


Get your Father’s Day photo book now


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