45 Creative Wedding Photo Ideas You Will Want to Copy


Wedding is one of the most important events in your life and you definitely want to save the sweet memories for the rest of your lives. We prepared some awesome wedding photo ideas that will definitely make your pictures stand out and bring a lot of fun along the way. Don’t forget to collect all the memories after the ceremony in an elegant photo book – the first documented story of your new family.

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For some brides, wedding photoshoot is even more important than all the “I do” part – and we can feel them, these are the first photo memories of the new family – something to hold on to and pass to the future generations. Whether you are getting married soon or photographing a wedding ceremony, these creative wedding photo ideas will bring a breath of fresh air to traditional formal poses.

Hit the road!

Pictures on the road not only look stunningly, they also have a metaphorical meaning: That’s the road you are stepping on to go further together, hand in hand.



This “Abbey Road” reference is really easy to copy and the picture will turn out just great.

Abbey Road
Randall Rivera


“A couple on the road” composition makes the photo look majestic creating a feeling like there are only two of you in the world.

Landscape Wedding Portrait in Nevada Desert by Yaneck Wasiek on
Yaneck Wasiek


Bridesmaids and best men.

Instead of traditional jumping photos, try playing with the composition, colors around and the angles. For instance, if there is water around, reflection can create an interesting twist:

wps maibs men
Chris Newman


Try this idea of a time lapse photo:

Groomsmen Leap! by Lauren Garbutt on
Lauren Garbutt


Or a “bomb explosion”:

Bride explosion by Stefan Louw on
Stefan Louw


Stress the beauty of nature around by taking a photo from the distance.

Taking a stroll by Brooke  Lee on
Brooke Lee


Ask your best men to goof around:



And goof some more.

wps goofin


Ask bridesmaids to write how you know each other on small chalkboards.

wps maids


Up & down.

When taking photos, never stop experimenting with angles and perspectives. Very often a simple composition will take your breath away if you shoot it from the bird’s eye view.

Ảnh cưới đẹp - Phuket, Thailand (Quỳnh Như, Bửu Ng by Ồ studio on


Marta y Kiko by Javier Sánchez on
Javier Sánchez


Wedding from the above by Goran B on
Goran B


Shots from below also deserve some credit – they usually look super fun and creative.



Run! Run! Run! by Azhar Aris on
Azhar Aris


Mirror reflections.

Using mirror in your photoshoot is a proven method many photographers use. It can be a classical shot.

wedding photo ideas
Руслана Макаренко


Or  something more creative.

wedding photo ideas
David Jensen


wedding photo ideas
Pawel Koyfman


Shoot in style.

Pick outfits and accessories that fit the colors of pictorial location or wedding venue – it will definitely add some style to your photos.

wedding photo ideas
Luke Marshall


wedding photo ideas


wedding photo ideas
Bodik Sonyachny


wedding photo ideas


Invite furry models.

Are there animals around? Include their adorable faces in the photoshoot.

How about some dog love?

wedding photo ideas
Sousa Malandra


Or a candid photo with a random cat.

wedding photo ideas
Eva Sert


A dramatic picture with a horse.

wedding photo ideas
Dave Brosha


Or maybe someone more exotic.

wedding photo ideas
Albert Bredenhann


Or A LOT more exotic.

wedding photo ideas
Ksana Fedorova


Theme it up!

Weddings are always more fun with a theme, think of something that defines your couple, that makes you one-of-a-kind. Maybe you share hobbies or tastes? Or is there an interesting story behind your first date? Come up with a cool theme and brainstorm on the fun activities around it. 

Get inspired by these brave couples who arranged: A “Star Wars” wedding.

star wars wedding


A “Lord of the Rings” wedding.

lord of the rings wedding


A “Harry Potter” wedding.

Harry Potter themed wedding


A “Little Mermaid” wedding.

little mermaid wedding
Earth porm


A gangster-style wedding.

Gangster style by Roman Shumilkin on
Roman Shumilkin


And this reggae festival themed wedding.

Capitol Romance
Capitol Romance


Use props.

With or without a theme, fun props will definitely liven up your photos and the party itself!

Try candy floss.

The candy-floss by Catherine Dumontet on
Catherine Dumontet



wedding photo ideas
Mateusz Strelau


An umbrella.

wedding photo ideas
Manuel Orero



wedding photo ideas
Ky Luu


Or whatever else you manage to find.

Bridal Trend Asia
Bridal Trend Asia


Include the special guests.

Don’t forget about some candid shots with parents.

Final Preparation by Ces White on
Ces White


One last hug from daddy by Donald Plozha on
Donald Plozha


And with kids.

wedding photo ideas


Framed by Shawn Grenninger on
Shawn Grenninger


Capture all the fun.

After all, having a fun day that you will remeber for years to come is really what matters.

wedding photo ideas
Tony Makris


wedding photo ideas
Pasha Ivaniushko


wedding photo ideas
Ondrej Hruby


Preserve the great memories forever!

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