12 facts about Easter you will want to know



Easter is one of the most dazzling and entertaining holidays of the year. This beloved tradition has a rich history with so many intriguing secrets to discover!

Have a look at these 12 facts about Easter that you just want to know!


#1 The Easter Bunny tradition

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Surprisingly, this tradition did not originate in the US but in Europe. The very first historical evidence of the Easter Bunny is found in a 16th-century German tale where Easter Bunny was actually Easter Hare.

The tradition then made its way to the US in the 18th century where it still flourishes until today, having added other traditions such as Easter bonnets, making Easter baskets or having Easter egg hunts.


#2 The tallest chocolate Easter egg

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Chocolate Easter eggs are an essential part of Easter holidays. In Italy in 2011, they decided to bring this tradition to the next level and made the tallest chocolate Easter egg ever created in the whole world.

This giant egg was 10.39 meters high and weighed 7200 kg. For a comparison, the famous Easter egg was taller than a giraffe and heavier than an elephant.


#3 Easter twice in a year



Easter is celebrated at different times by Eastern and Western Christians.

The reason for this discrepancy is the same as for the Christmas time differences – 2 various calendars. Easter for Eastern Christianity is based on the Julian calendar and Western Christianity follows the Gregorian calendar.


#4 The very first chocolate egg

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This exciting innovation did not happen so long ago! The very first chocolate egg was produced in 1873 by Fry’s of Bristol.


#5 Coloring Easter eggs

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One Biblical legend explains the connection of the egg coloring tradition to the Easter holidays.

The story goes like this: an egg merchant called Simon of Cyrene put down his egg basket to help Jesus carry the cross. When he came back to his basket, he found his eggs decorated.


#6 Easter candy rush

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It comes as no surprise that Easter has become the second biggest candy-consuming holiday right after Halloween.

Just count all the chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and marshmallows you have eaten in your lifetime on this holiday. Yes, it’s impossible!


#7 Lent



Easter takes place always on a Sunday, right after the 40-day period called Lent. This period is meant for fasting – in other words giving up one indulgence in your life to focus more on what matters.


#8 Egg dyes



With all the bright egg coloring out there, we might forget that egg dyes were once made out of natural items such as onion peels, tree bark, flower petals, and juices. Something to try out this season?


#9 The White House egg roll

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The tradition of the annual White House egg roll started with president Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878 and has been still going ever since.


#10 Eating a chocolate Easter bunny

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Funnily enough, there was a survey conducted asking participants to ask one tough question: What’s the right way to eat a chocolate Easter bunny? 76% agreed the ears of a chocolate bunny should be first to be eaten.


#11 Easter candy in numbers

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In the United States alone, 90 million chocolate bunnies, 91.4 billion eggs, and 700 million peeps are produced each year for Easter.


#12 Easter photo book



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