11 Creative Easter Recipes to Spice Up Your Holidays



Easter would not be the same without the Easter recipes! Eggs, bunnies, chicks, flowers – those are the stars of the most creative Easter recipes. From sweet to savory, indulge in the most artistic cooking ideas for Easter.

Easter Recipes / #1: Easter Oreo Bark

Recipe Credit:


Who would say no to Orea, like ever? This easy colorful dessert persuades everyone from the little ones to the craving grown-ups.


Easter Recipes / #2: Easter Bunny Bread Bowl

Recipe Credit: The Idea Room


This bread bowl is just a pure cuteness! A super easy idea that makes your kiddos eat any soup in the world. Once you try it, you will wonder how you could live without this lifehack before.


Easter Recipes / #3: Philadelphia Mini Cheesecakes

Recipe Credit: Kraft Recipes


Try out this popular classic with a fresh Easter look. And where we’re at it, why not for for a mini version of the cheesecake? No cutting included, that’s the win for all.


Easter Recipes / #4: Chocolate Covered Carrot Strawberries

Recipe Credit:


This original recipe makes you the queen of the feast. Cute carrots on the first look, chocolate covered strawberries on the second one. Honestly, who can resist this crafty treat?


Easter Recipes / #5: Easter Bunny Breakfast

Recipe Credit: Kid Spot


Are you bored by your regular breakfast? Spice it up with this adorable bunny! Look at its blueberry eyes and shiny nose!


Easter Recipes / #6: Mini Lemon Flower Tarts

Recipe Credit: Kid and Kin Blog


Lemon is the flavor of the season. This fluffy recipe of the mini lemon flower tarts is the proof! Have a look how to create this magic.


Easter Recipes / #7: Bunny Butt Pretzels

Recipe Credit: The Soccer Mom Blog


Check out these bunny butts! Yes, this is the way to make pretzels fun and even more delicious.


Easter Recipes / #8: Carrot Cake Donuts

Recipe Credit: Home Made Interest


If you’re looking for something more classy, go for these carrot cake donuts. Stylish and delightful at the same time!


Easter Recipes / #9: Cadbury Egg Chocolate Nests

Recipe Credit: I Heart Naptime


These tiny chocolate nests stole our hearts! Almost too adorable to eat, don’t you think?


Easter Recipes / #10: Easter Lemon Dip

Recipe Credit:


This is perfect for first sunny and warm days! Easy peasy lemon dip with cute cutting forms works like magic.


Easter Recipes / #11: Easter Chicks Lemon Cookies

Recipe Credit: The Gold Lining Girl


Finally, we couldn’t miss out on these lovely chicks! Not only do they look sweet but they also taste heavenly!


So did you choose your favorite Easter recipe? We hope so! Enjoy your cooking and baking endeavors and let us know how you liked the recipes in the comments.

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