10 wedding photo ideas that you can’t miss out on



When it comes to weddings, photography belongs to one of the most crucial items on the dream wedding list. And choosing the right photographer is just one part of the equation.

With a professional photographer at hand, you are able to capture the magic of your wedding in various ways. To use this unique opportunity to its full potential, go through our top 10 wedding photo ideas to make your special day unforgettable. Enjoy!


Wedding photo idea #1: Captured in your own world

Photo Credit: Hailey Erickson Photography


Wedding photo idea #2: Revealing your stellar shoes

Photo Credit: Anne Edgar


Wedding photo idea #3: Holding your parents’ wedding photos

Photo Credit: Ana Lui Photography


Wedding photo idea #4: A peek through the ring

Photo Credit: Aubrey Joy Photography


Wedding photo idea #5: A snap through the back window of your getaway car

Photo Credit: HolliB Photography


Wedding photo idea #6: Bird’s-eye view of your first dance

Photo Credit: Tony Gajate Photography


Wedding photo idea #7: Rings from three generations

Photo credit: Pinterest


Wedding photo idea #8: Reflection in the mirror of your getaway car

Photo Credit: Soda Fountain Photography


Wedding photo idea #9: An underwater love

Photo Credit: Sweet Ice Cream Photography


Wedding photo idea #10: Frame within a frame

Photo Credit: Renaissance Studios

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and it’s essential to keep the memories of it alive. Hire a photographer, ask your guests to take as many pictures as they can, or even take snapshots with your own smartphone.

Collect the best pictures in a beautiful photo book and showcase the photographs from your big day with style and elegance. 


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