10 most memorable moments of 2017



The amazing year 2017 is almost over! What a nostalgic time of the year. So many things have happened, from unexpected great news to sometimes rather upsetting ones.

This time, we decided to focus on the positive events only to uplift our holiday spirit. Check out these 10 most memorable moments of 2017 that will make you even more nostalgic!


Moment #1: Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement

Photo credits: Instagram


The queen B surprised us with this big announcement on Instagram so much that this post happened to be the most liked post ever on this social network. To this day, the post has been liked more than 11 million times! Also, the little twins have been born as well. What an amazing year!


Moment #2: Super Bowl 51

Photo credits: CBS Sports


That was one of the most intense matches we’ve seen on the Super Bowl evening. With Lady Gaga starting the show with her stellar jump into the stadium from the top of the building, one should have already expected one memorable match. On the following day, a number of media outlets immediately hailed the game as the greatest Super Bowl of all time. We cannot agree more! Congratulations to Patriots again!


Moment #3: The Oscar blunder

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This ‘little’ oops has been streamed live for everyone to see what hadn’t happened in the Oscar history before – announcing a wrong winner of the most precious prize. What turned to be the biggest blunder of the year is somehow still a bit too sour to laugh about. Let’s hope such mistake won’t ever happen again.


Moment #4: Unicorn frappuccino

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With Instagram taking over our lives, Unicorn frappuccino was brought into the spotlight. When the looks are more magnificent than the actual content of the drink, something just feels off. This at-first innocent move has defined this new era of social media when we buy items just because they are ‘instagrammable’ rather than digging the actual value of the product. Let’s rather look for the products that combine both! They must be sure out there.


Moment #5: One Love Manchester

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What was meant for evil, Ariana Grande decided to turn for good. Thanks to this spontaneous concert, more than $13 Million was raised to help victims of the Manchester terror attack. What’s more, this act of kindness and bravery fights best against the act of hatred and cowardice. Bravo, Ariana!


Moment #6: Total solar eclipse

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On August 21, 2017, all of North America were treated to an eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality can see one of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights – a total solar eclipse. This was indeed one of the significant event of 2017.


Moment #7: Taylor Swift’s Reputation

Photo credits: US Weekly


Taylor’s new album Reputation made headlines right after the launch of the first song from the album called ‘Look what you made me do’. The highly expected videoclip that launched at 2017 MTV Video Music Awards has become the most watched video within 24 hours by achieving 43.2 million views on YouTube in its first day.


Moment #8: iPhone X launch

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This year, Apple celebrated the 10th anniversary of launching its iPhone by announcing a revolutionary iPhone X. The long-rumored iPhone has an all-new design, facial recognition technology, and other new features – another big step forward!


Moment #9: Bitcoin surge

Photo credits: The Verge


The year 2017 will be forever known as a year when Bitcoin made headlines for reaching a historic value per one Bitcoin every month or even single week. Raising from $700 to at one point $17000 within a few months is something we never saw before.


Moment #10: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal engagement

Photo credits: US Weekly


It’s happening! The British hottest eligible bachelor is not eligible anymore after the closely watched announcement of the engagement with famous actress Meghan Markle, known primary from the TV show Suits. We’re so happy for these two love birds and personally cannot wait for the royal wedding happening next year in May.


The year 2017 is spent with these memorable moments and many more. And what about you? We’re sure that you have lovely memories of 2017 with your loved ones that you never want to forget.

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