Kick-Ass Team

A perfect mix of people passionate about photography and technology, dedicated to making you happy.

  • Frederico Alves

    #MARKETING. Online marketing & advertising guru, problem solver and growth hacker. Makes things happen. The drive of PastBook.

  • Kitti Babos

    #HELPDESK. A positive mind, who is always ready to listen and learn. Adores animals and interested in video games. The perseverance of PastBook.

  • Kimberley Buurman

    #MARKETING. Online marketing and CRM wizard in the making. On a lifelong quest to understand what makes people tick. The curiosity of PastBook.

  • Stefano Cutello

    #FOUNDER #CEO. Maker, lateral thinker and innate product guy, born to be an entrepreneur. Inexhaustible source of energy. The engine of PastBook.

  • Valentina Cutello

    #HELPDESK #ACCOUNTANT. Responsible for the happiness of customers and the team. Inspiring and aspiring, always smiles. The heart of PastBook.

  • Elina Dageryd

    #HELPDESK. A creative mind in love with dancing. An adventurer who is interested in capturing beautiful moments. The energy of PastBook.

  • Nordy van Donk

    #CTO. Works hard to build new features and make PastBook sexier, smoother and faster. Also, a talented photographer. The brain of PastBook.

  • Laura Gulbinaite

    #HELPDESK. Has answers to all of your questions, always ready to talk. Enthusiastic and creative, speaks more than 3 languages. The voice of PastBook.

  • Nishan Karunarathna

    #DEVELOPMENT. Innovating, building and maintaining PastBook features. Natural problem solver. Dog lover. The future of PastBook.

  • Kseniia Khozei

    #HELPDESK. Passionate about providing the best possible levels of customer services. Fond of hand-made and floristic. The enthusiasm of PastBook.

  • Juliana Mondadori

    #HELPDESK. A perfectionist who has a perceptive mind to catch other people's expectations. Has a passion for photography. The intuition of PastBook.

  • Jessica Nurden

    #HELPDESK. Loves to follow the new trends in technology. Team-player in every sense of the word. The smile of PastBook.

  • Priyanka Sharma

    #HELPDESK. Always strives for excellence and makes sure you always leave with a smile. The queen of selfies and boomerang. The passion of PastBook.

  • Shalini Singh

    #HELPDESK. Customer satisfaction is the top priority. Very diligent. Animal & Nature lover. Loves Dancing. The virtue of PastBook.

  • Anastasiia Umanets

    #GRAPHIC. Creates and maintains the brand's aesthetics. Always strives for perfection. A cat person. Never stops innovating. The creativity of PastBook.

  • Glorializ Lantigua Virella

    #OPERATIONS. The person with the answers and support of the PastBook team. Anticipates the needs of her colleagues. Loves to relax on the beach and to dance. The spirit of PastBook.

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  • Peter Wieben

    #PRODUCT. Designs the product to be as easy as possible for the user. Wrote a book and has two cats. The look & feel of PastBook.

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