Photo books
created in 60 seconds

The PastBook App is a game changer that selects your best pictures and automagically turns them into high quality printed photo books

How it works

Smart Selection — In less than a minute we automagically select the best pictures to tell your story.

Automagically Created — In seconds your book is ready to preview. Browse through it and customize if needed.

Professionally Printed — Once you’re satisfied, we will professionally print your book and ship it to you within a few days.

Trusted by millions

Our smart AI driven software will easily create any photo book from the numerous pictures on your phone. Try it for free today!

Key Features


Simply start from selecting a data range or a location, this is as hard as it gets! Say goodbye to time-consuming photo album creation.


Our technology leverages artificial intelligence to analyze and choose the best pictures based on resolutions, angles, lightning, and orientation.


We take care of the hard work, but if you feel like trying to make it even better, we leave the cool finishing touches to you. You can change pictures, edit layout, and select different covers.


We help you with the one thing money can’t buy, we save you time. Selecting the best pictures from the hundreds we normally keep on our phones, can now be done in a few minutes.

Satisfaction guaranteed


We are experts about photo books and we have been making our customers happy since 2012.


Your happiness is our priority. Reach out via WhatsApp, Email or Chat we are available to help!


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We work with the best digital printing presses in the world to deliver books that will last a lifetime.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay to use the App?

The app is FREE! You can install, create and preview your photo book at no cost. Once you have your book ready and customized as you want, the price to purchase it will be shown at the checkout, and it will change based on the number of pages. Go ahead and give a shot! You will be surprised how quickly it is to build an amazing photobook full of your best memories.

How does PastBook automatically generate photo book suggestions?

I know that magic does not exist, but it is certainly the best way to describe it. Our team of engineers developed a very smart technology that can analyze your pictures and find the best quality ones, based on light, angles, dimensions and locations where you have taken them – this so-called “robot” can do all of that in seconds. We take all the heavy lifting of selecting your best pictures, leaving you more time to

How does Promo Codes work?

If you have received a promo code, open the app and let us create your book as you would normally (and magically do), once you go to the checkout, we will give you an option to insert a Promotional Code, after you add it, the discount will be automatically applied to your order.

How long does shipping take?

Usually about a week. In some countries it takes a little longer, but in the app you will be always able to track the very latest status of your order.