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Hassle-Free Photo Books

Get a gorgeous Photo Book, without having to spend hours creating it. Elite Designers do that for you.

  • Send your photos

    Simply upload your photos, send them by email or WeTransfer - from any device. If you want, add a quick note to brief the designer (i.e. style, favorite photos, etc). 

  • Designer creates your photo book

    Your book will be professionally designed to be unique. Your privacy is guaranteed, better than in the old days, when a photographer was developing your film.

  • You review it and get it printed

    You'll receive a preview of your designed book. If you like it, your Elite Photo Book will be printed in high resolution and delivered at your home or office.


A professionally designed photo book with dimensions of 12x8.5" (30x21cm) - printed hardcover & shipped at your home

You'll love it. Like they do.

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  • Matt Jones (39, San Francisco)

    I never completed my wedding photo book project because it was taking too much time. Finally, I can have someone else do the hard work for me.

  • Jane Whitley (33, New York)

    I was making a book for my friends but, as I am a perfectionist, it turned out to be a never-ending project for me. PastBook Elite saved me and the result was astonishing - I couldn't have done better.

  • David Bolton (55, Dallas)

    Every year I wanted to make a photo book with the pictures from holidays and every year I didn't, due to the lack of time. Now I have no excuses - PastBook does it for me and I love the service!

PastBook Elite

The Best European and American Designers, for you.

PastBook Elite Designers are professional and independent graphic designers, illustrators, art-directors and photographers.

Each of them is rigorously selected by PastBook - one by one - and introduced to the world as PastBook Elite Designer of the month.

They are all passionate artists. They are all glad to do the hard work for you. They will save your time and take care of your precious photos like their own.

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What you get and When

THE PRINTED BOOK: A professional, tailor-made design of a photo book with dimensions of 12x8.5" (30x21cm) - printed hardcover & shipped at your home. 

NEXT STEPS: After making an order, you'll get an invitation to send your photos. Then the Elite Designer starts the project and will send you a preview of the book. 

PAY ONLY IF YOU LIKE IT: Your credit card gets charged just when you approve of the preview of the book, so that we can print and ship it (you'll get it in 10 days). If you don't like it, no costs are involved and nothing has to be paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you print and ship internationally?

    Yes, of course - we ship everywhere in the world, for free. One printed copy of the book with the design in included; if you want, you can buy extra printed copies at a discounted price.

  • Are the photo books really tailor-made?

    Yes, PastBook Elite is all about crafting customized photo books - while saving your time. Elite Designers always find the best way to tell your story. Technology alone can't.

  • How does the Elite Designer know what to do for me?

    When your project starts, you'll receive an invitation to send your photos and to (optionally) brief the Elite Designer about what you want (i.e. style, colors, title, photos order, etc).

  • Can I add text in the photo book?

    Elite Photo Books are designed to be visual photo stories. It's possible to include a few quotes/captions & story title in the brief you'll send to the Elite Designer, but no more - yet.

  • I have too many photos, can you help?

    Sure! You can ask for a quote (Elite "XL") or opt for Elite "L" and send them all: the Elite Designer will take care of selecting the best 200 pictures for the story you want to tell (i.e. no duplicates, low quality, etc). If you want to make sure that some specific photos are in the book, just specify that in the brief. 

  • How do I send my photos?

    It's actually up to you. You can use our tool to upload them or - if you prefer - you can simply send them to a specific email address you'll receive. We also accept WeTransfer, or Dropbox/Flickr/Facebook/whatever shared albums - as long as we can download the pictures in high-resolution.

  • Is my privacy safe?

    Of course is it - that's our #1 priority! All our Elite Designers are professionals. They have all signed a confidentiality agreement that guarantees that your photos will be treated with the maximum respect for your privacy. Pictures will be deleted after the photo book is ready. Your photos will be safer than in the early days, when a photographer was developing your films.

  • Do I have to pay in advance? Why a waiting list?

    In order to maintain the highest quality of Elite Photo Books, the amount of projects per month is limited. We ask for your credit cards details as a sign of commitment, but you get charged just after you accept the design proposal for your photo book (the preview). If you don't like it, no problem: it will not cost you anything.


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