Year in Review 2015: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Spotify and PastBook

Whether you like it or not, 2015 is almost over, and now it’s time to look back at the most important things that happened to us in the past 12 months. Many tech companies are using their annual synopsis of everything important, viral and trending that took place in the past year. We prepared a guide to Year in Review 2015: from Facebook and Twitter to Spotify and YouTube. As a bonus, we offer you to try My Year app that allows you to collect all of your year’s photographic memories on Facebook or Instagram, in a beautiful photo book to store digitally or get it printed as a unique, personal and finely crafted keepsake delivered right to your doorstep.

Facebook Year in Review

This year Facebook made sure that we look back at 2015 from different perspectives. First it launched its Year In Review video that summarizes the major events, stories and trends of 2015. Featuring the most talked-about topics, places, politicians, athletes, TV shows and movies, the video ends with an encouraging tagline “Let’s stand together in 2016″.

Facebook Year in review 2015


A week later Facebook launched a more personalized feature which recaps the most important moments that happened to you throughout the past year. Unlike 2014, Year in Review 2015 displays only 10 photos that Facebook picks for you, in order to make a summary of the past 365 days. If you disagree with Facebook’s choice, you can swap the photos with other images that you uploaded or were tagged in this year. However, you have to narrow down your memories to just 10 photos – that is the limit that Facebook sets for its Year in Review.

Facebook Year in review



“If it’s happening in the world, it’s happening on Twitter”. Together with Getty images, the company revealed it’s own year in review film, that featured tweets, hashtags, and emoji that were most popular on the social network in 2015. Sad and funny, horrifying and encouraging, Twitter reflects everything that was on our minds – and in our tweets – in 2015.

Twitter year in review


YouTube Rewind

YouTube complied a video of the most memorable viral clips of 2015, based on a mixture of views, shares, comments and likes. 2015 is a big year for YouTube, as the website had its 10th birthday, and the film that summarizes the year turned out to be bright and festive. No wonder, we all know that when it comes to online videos, entertainment is the key.



A Year in Search by Google

Another aspiring film by Google recaps what people searched for the most in 2015. From the dress that drove us crazy in the beginning of the year to the recent Paris attacks – the video captures everything that made people wonder, everything that we cared about throughout the whole year. The film encourages people to stay united, to embrace our differences and pursue common goals which are not that hard to achieve, if we strive for them together.
Google year in search


Year in Music by Spotify

Spotify revealed lists of the artists and songs that were the most popular with music fans around the world in 2015. Spotify provides us with quite impressive numbers: over 75 million users listened to over 20 billion hours of music. Apart from the global statistics, the platform also reveals your own listening habits: what were your top artists, songs and genres of 2015, how many minutes of music you listened in total and how your tastes changed throughout the year.

spotify year in music


My Year by PastBook

In December we launched our brand-new My Year app for iPhone that lets you create and turn your Year on Facebook & Instagram into a photo book in one easy tap! Available  for download on the App Store or online via the Web, My Year allows you relive all the precious moments of 2015 in a photo book to be stored digitally or printed and delivered to your doorstep. Unlike other companies that focus only on on the most recent year, My Year allows you to choose 2015 or any other year to create your distinctive keepsake – from 2003-2015 on Facebook or 2010-2015 on Instagram. As simple as that: pick the year, the social network and tap “Create”- your book is ready! Try My Year App now!


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