Wedding Hashtag Generator and other ways to collect photos from the Big Day


Wedding Hashtag Generator is an ultimate tool that helps to create a unique catchy hashtag for your Big Day. Try it now or learn more about wedding hashtags!

The wedding season is on its peak, most of the couples have taken enough time to arrange everything beforehand: after all, nowadays there are plenty of agencies and event planners that are specializing in making the Big Day unforgettable, bringing all the details to perfection. Many couples are making the final preparations, arguing about the guest lists, adjusting the menu, sending out the invitations and breaking their heads over a perfect wedding hashtag. According to #socialweddingsurvey, a research by and Mashable, 55% of all the weddings have a hashtag in order to easily collect and organize all the photos taken during the ceremony. However, very often, wedding photos get scattered across the World Wide Web or disappear forever on a scratched CD or a crashed hard drive. Thus it is essential to not only collect the photos under a certain hashtag but also to come up with a way to make those photos last, which is not that easy in our instant digital world. With PastBook you can turn all the photos with a particular hashtag into a physical wedding photo book that can serve as a present to all the guests or a private keepsake for the new family. Unlike the digital photos, printed ones last for years, centuries even, plus, they are much more personal and emotional. Your wedding definitely deserves to be remembered, that’s why we prepared step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of your wedding photos and keep the memories of the Big Day forever.

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How does it work?

The genius is in simplicity, so as the principle of wedding hashtags. Let’s say, a boy named Rob marries a girl named Jenny. They come up with a unique hashtag for their Big Day (for instance, #RobMarriesJenny), make sure that no one has ever used it before, and tell all the wedding attendees to use the hashtag as a caption to the photos that they post on social networks. Thus, when typing #RobMarriesJenny on Instagram or Facebook, the photos with this tag will appear, which helps the happy couple and all the guests to see the ceremony and the wedding party through the eyes of everyone who was taking pictures.

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Step one: Come up with a perfect #WeddingHashtag

Of course, using your names would be the easiest option, but truly unique names combinations happen quite rarely (and the options are decreasing every day, since more Robs keep on meeting Jennies, deciding to live happily ever after). What’s the solution then? Get creative! Don’t be afraid to be punny, play with the names, use idioms and set expressions. For instance, if your surname is Grey, try #GreysMatter or #SupportGreyMarriage. In order to make your life easier, we developed a Hashtag Generator – the easiest way to create a catchy hashtag for your wedding! Just type in your names and surnames, and the program will generate a bunch of lovely hashtags. Click the “Heart” button – the hashtags that appeal to you will be added to the list, so that you can later compare them and pick the best one. Add some more information about you and your wedding (your nicknames, date and location) for more options to choose from. Don’t forget to check Instagram, Twitter and Facebook whether this hashtag has been used before.

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Step two: Spread the word

Start informing the guests about the hashtag before the Big Day: mention it in the invitations, use it when posting pictures of your wedding preparations, and during bachelor/bachelorette parties. Print out the signs with your #WeddingHashtag and display them in strategic places on the wedding day. PastBook hashtag generator allows you to directly print out the flyers with your hashtag. You can also put small cards with the hashtag on the tables or mention it in menus. And finally, just keep on reminding guests about the hashtag. Don’t be scared to be annoying, it’s your wedding day, after all. Today everything is allowed.


Step three: Collect the photos

After the wedding, come back to the Wedding Hashtag Generator and collect all the wedding photos in a neat photo book with just one click! Type in the hashtag and click “Create” – all the Instagram photos with the #WeddingHashtag are automatically collected in an elegant wedding book. Note that the maximum amount of the tagged photos in your PastBook is 200. You can also use “private” option when typing in the hashtag. In this case, only your Instagram pictures will be collected in your wedding PastBook. For more information, check out step-by-step instructions.

Step four: Beyond the hashtag

If, for any reason, you don’t want to use a hashtag during your wedding, you can go old-style: just create a PastBook and ask the guests to help you filling it in. Send the invitations through email or any messenger, share the link to the photo book on social networks, or print out the QR-code that you can simply put on the tables or display on strategic places during the wedding. Now your friends are able to contribute to the wedding photo story! Download the PastBook app for iPhone and import your wedding photos to PastBook immediately after taking them. Check out step-by-step instructions.

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Step five: Enjoy your PastBook!

An elegant photo book with the shots from your Big Day will be delivered at your doors within 10 working days. The book will be a great reminder of the wedding day: a keepsake that will preserve the sweet memories forever!

And the last thing: Take it easy!

Of course, you want your wedding to be perfect, of course each detail matters. But don’t sweat it too much. Relax and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest: today you deserve the best! After all, the best thing about memories… is making them.


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