The most honest Valentine’s Day gift ever

The most honest gift for Valentine's Day

Guys, this is your chance to shine on V-Day.

On the 14th of February, she (or he) will be expecting a breathtaking, highly personal, well-thought and über cute gift. A gift that reflects her personality, your relationship together and the everlasting love you feel for her. Yes, Valentine’s Day is a proper pain in the you-know-where.

If we don’t buy her something, we are screwed. If we buy the wrong stuff, we are screwed. In any case, we are screwed.

But don’t panic, PastBook is here to save the day. We offer you an easy way to give the perfect gift. It is honest, thoughtful and in – a strange way – cute. You give her the one thing money can’t buy. The most precious thing you possess. You give her…, you.

We offer three ways to make a great photo book. You can use Facebook photos:

  1. in which only you have been tagged (all photos, including the ones that never should have been on Facebook in the first place. But hey, that’s you as well, right?)
  2. in which the both of you have been tagged (fast, easy and cuteness guaranteed)
  3. the ones that you uploaded in a specific album (safe and effective)

So, make it easier on yourself and get the best and most honest Valentine’s Day gift ever. Do it before January 30th as we need some time to get your book printed and delivered, in time for your loved one’s special day.

And yes, girls can make a book too.

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