Top 5 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Did you already come up with a perfect Mother’s Day gift? We are here to help you! Check out top 5 DIY Mother’s Day Gift ideas to boost your creativity and make your mom happy, or create a Mother’s Day Photo Book now – an excellent way to recollect and preserve the precious family memories!


It is a common knowledge that the best gifts are those made with love. Remember the times when you saved your lunch money months before the Mother’s Day in order to surprise your mom with a nice $20 gift? Or maybe you spent sleepless nights, drawing postcards, embroidering, knitting, making macaroni necklaces and sewing pillows. How about trying to make something with your own hands this year? We suggest 5 simple DIY gifts for the Mother’s Day. Even if you think that handicraft is not on the list of your multiple talents and your mother would rather get nothing than a handmade gift from you, we are sure that you can find something on our list that your mom will appreciate.

1. Cooking is love made visible

Do you know that most of the preferences in food that we have as adults were formed in childhood? Now, try to imagine, what food you would have eaten if your mother didn’t control your nutrition? Exactly, junk pre-cooked meals and sweets. Maybe the reason that you are still alive, is your mother’s balanced healthy meals, and you are very grateful for them right now. So it’s high time to repay: show your deep gratitude and cook a perfect dinner for your mother! Or even better: take all the cooking responsibilities for the day, starting from doing groceries and bringing breakfast in bed in the morning, finishing with cleaning dishes in the evening.

There are multiple food blogs with the recipes for your inspiration. We like it fresh and easy, so check out Chungah’s blog Damn Delicious – she concentrates on the easy ways to cook sophisticated and elegant meals – simple and delightful!

Blog Two Peas & Their Pod focuses on family meals, featuring hundreds of recipes for a meal of any taste, size and budget.


2. A handmade piece of beauty

Nowadays, there is no need to paint pasta or cut paper stars in order to make a nice necklace or a bracelet. There are plenty of different materials on the market that you can use for your gift: crystals, all sorts of stones, beads, metal, fabric. You basically can create anything you want, the only limit is your imagination!

Check out Johnnie’s blog Saved By Love Creations for inspiration: plenty of tips, ideas, tutorials on how to make a piece of jewellery (or anything else) for any kind of budget, no matter how skilled you are!

Amy, aka One Artsy Mama, offers all sorts of DIY projects which are quick, inexpensive and easy to make. Get inspired by Amy’s creative ideas and surprise your mom with a handmade jewellery!


3. Flowers are always a good idea

Women love flowers. They love looking at them, playing with petals, admiring the colors, smelling the scent. What about this time, instead of buying a standard bunch of flowers in a store next door, you grow one yourself? It is not that hard: you just need a jar, some soil, flower seeds and a bit of love: flowers can get cranky without it. We suggest you start from those that are easy to grow, like sweet peas, Nasturtium, Eschscholzia (Californian Poppy), Pansy, etc. And remember a piece of wisdom by Winnie-The-Pooh: “Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them”.

For inspiration, check Benjamin’s blog Higgledy Garden: here you can find all the tips on how to grow flowers inside and outside; moreover, you can order high-quality seeds that will be delivered at your door.

A beautiful Benzaiken family and their Flower Farm Journal give a lot of useful information on gardening, backing it up with marvellous photos.


4. Become a genie

Give your mom a magic lamp (it can be an old tea pot or a sauce boat) and promise to grant three wishes. As we all know, genie’s power is pretty much limitless, with only three exceptions: a genie can’t grant more than three wishes, can’t kill people and can’t force them to fall in love. If that is too much for you, make coupons with certain services you promise to provide: a massage, a week’s worth of doing her laundry, spring cleaning, getting her car washed, vacuumed and filled up, a tea party, a long nap, or anything else!

5. Print your face out

If your mom doesn’t follow you on social networks, she probably has no idea what your everyday life looks like. If she thinks that you hang out with bad kids and eat junk food, you can surprise her with your Facebook and Instagram pictures (those that you are not embarrassed of) printed out. This gift is beneficial in multiple ways: your mom will have an opportunity to look at your face whenever she wants, she won’t have reasons to worry about your pastime and, finally, it will contribute to the family legacy, enlarging the family photo archive.

There are multiple ways to print your photos out. For instance, Sticky9 will turn your Instagram pictures into magnets with which your mom will gladly decorate her fridge!

With PastBook you can make stylish photo albums for any kind of occasion, using photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa – you name it! There are also step-by-step tutorials on how to create an album in a few seconds.


Be creative, try, fail, try again. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what kind of present you are going to make: your mother loves you anyway.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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