Top 10 Travel Photography Tips

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Setting off on a journey? Check out our top travel photography tips if you want to capture your time away in the best way possible. Make sure that your memories never fade away and get a photo book with your gorgeous pictures!

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Whether you are going somewhere exotic or taking a day trip to a neighbourng town, get the most of the trip: have fun, explore and capture the atmosphere and the ambiance of the destination point. Keep in mind that photography is not really about the camera or equipment – it’s more about your ability to get the best possible experience and tell powerful stories.

1. Research the destination

First of all, read about customs, traditions and peculiarities of the place you are going to. You want to be sure that your behavior is not rude or offensive in any way. Are people fine with being photographed by a stranger? Can you take photos inside of churches or temples?The destination can also affect the content of the essential kit that you are taking: photographing Aurora Borealis requires different skills and equipment, comparing to photographing a vibrant city.

Travel photography tips


2. Travel light

Based on the research you’ve made, adjust your kit to the location and conditions. Don’t forget to take extra memory cards, battery chargers for your camera and mobile phone, a laptop for backing up the images, a portable hard drive a secondary backup, and warm rain jacket – even if you are traveling in summer.

Travel photography tips
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3. Get the right apps

If during your travels you want to be as mobile and flexible as possible, ditch a heavy DSLR camera and give the preference to your phone. Not only nowadays phones can snap pictures of fantastic quality, a range of various apps help you to edit and modify images. Check out our list of the best apps for travel photography »

Travel photography tips
Gable Denims


4. Get out there

If you really want to feel the vibe of the place, you have to experience it. Talk to the locals, follow their advice, get up early in the morning, stay up late. Some places can surprise you with majestic colors at dawn, others are stunningly beautiful at night. Get lost, wander down unfamiliar streets, stop at cafes and observe the visitors. Try to avoid the most touristic places during the busy hours – chances to capture a good shot are quite low.

Travel photography tips
Choon Htoo Han


5. Ask people for portraits

Including photographs of the local people and their culture brings life to the story, however it is important to respect the local customs and ask for permission prior to taking photos. Yes, it is scary to approach strangers asking for a portrait but a real travel photographer has to be confident. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Of course, they could say “No” but the chances are, they will smile and agree to pose for a photo. Overcome your shyness and connect with people – we have much more in common than you think.

Travel photography tips
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6. Don’t wait for the perfect picture

Don’t focus on making only good pictures: while you are waiting for hours to snap the sunset, a lot of magical things are happening! Don’t stop, keep on exploring, find new experiences, discover new places. You never know what is going to happen the next moment, so don’t stay still, keep on moving.

Travel photography tips
Saravut Whanset


7. Keep notes

A notebook is a must-have for any travel photographer. Don’t be overly confident – there is no way to remember everything you’ve seen and everyone you’ve met. Take notes about local traditions, write down the stories you hear from people, document your first impressions -details are very important! Later on, you can build up a story combining your photographs and notes.

Travel photography tips
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8. Trust your instincts and be safe

Rely on kindness of the strangers but also be conscious of your safety and take some sensible precautionary steps to reap better confidence in unfamiliar surroundings. Generally people are friendly but still, stay on guard, it’s never too safe. Protect your gear – cover your camera with a duct tape and make sure that well-kmown logos are hidden – this will make your camera look cheap and old, less chances that it will be stolen.

Travel photography tips


9. Experiment with the editing

Wth some many different apps out there, experiment with your style and discover new opportunities. Add a hint of vignette in the dark images to stress the colors, don’t be afraid of playing with HDR when you have a high-contrast scenes, apply filters, create collages – get creative! Before you find your own style, it’s always worth experimenting and trying new things.

Travel photography tips
Karthik Ramamoorthy


10. Keep the memories forever

As many photographers will tel you, “A photograph doesn’t exist until it’s printed”. Showcase your best shots in a beautiful photo book! Get our apps that allow you to import pictures from your Facebook or Instagram or upload photos from your computer, Dropbox, Google Photos, Flickr and more. Hold on to your memories and create more of them: the best things are yet to come!

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Travel photography tips

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