The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day photo book

Mother’s Day is just a bit more than a month away, and now is the right time to think about a perfect Mother’s Day gift. If you don’t want to end up with a box of chocolate and generic jewelry, better come up with a flawless strategy now, and we are here to help you! For any mom, the story of her family is the most important one of all. Capture it in a Photo Book to preserve the memories forever!

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There is no way to thank her enough for everything she’s done for you. But it’s worth trying! We prepared a complete guide to Mother’s Day gifts: do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks, fresh ideas, inspiration – everything you need to get ready for the holiday!

Think about her lifestyle and personality.

The most important woman in your life deserves a special treatment, so don’t even think of going to a shop next door to get that first bouquet of roses you find. Spend some time thinking about her personality, her hobbies, her dreams. Is she into gardening? Does she do yoga? Did she mention at some point that she wants to master her cooking skills? Be all ears, listen to what she says, and she might give away her wishes.

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Think out of the box.

All right, you’ve picked the gift which seems interesting but is still not perfect. Go around the same idea and play with other options. Thinking of getting a card to express how much you love her? Great idea, but make an effort and design a personalized exclusive card yourself! Depending on your skills, you can either create it with Photoshop or draw it, just like you used to do in childhood. Getting a basket of fruits? You know that it’s unlikely she ever finishes it. Replace the basket with a box of homemade chocolate that you can either buy in specialized shops or make yourself.

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Make it a family affair.

A good idea would be to team up with other family members and together come up with a perfect gift. It might be something big or expensive that you wouldn’t be able to buy just by yourself, like a new laptop, a trip to Italy or fine jewelry. You can also get a set of correlating presents that together compose a full package. For example, a group gift for mom could include a new coffee machine, several bags of differently-flavoured coffee beans and a set of cute coffee cups. Another great idea is to collaborate and make a gift all together. Creating a photo book with her favorite pictures can be an amazing idea, with PastBook you can do it together with the whole family. Create a book and simply invite your relatives by sending them its link. Now each family member can contribute to this collaborative gift!

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Shop online.

Here are just a few reasons why shopping online is so much better than spending hours in the mall. It’s convenient, it’s fast, the choice is bigger, the prices are better and finally, you can do it from home! No annoying crowds or pushy salespeople. If you decide to get a photo book for your mom, keep in mind that PastBook is offering a 25% discount on all the books right now! You can also get a PastBook Gift Card which will give your mom a chance to create a book with photos of her choice – from any source or device, in a snap. Get a gift card now!

Mothers day photo book
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Ask her.

If you get stuck – just ask her! It’s mom we are talking about. Your mom knows everything and most probably she knows what she wants, maybe she even has a wish list. Of course, the magic of surprise will vanish but it will save you from the headache of decision making and your mom will get something she has been dreaming of.

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Make this day special.

This is her day, make it memorable! Think of places she likes and plan a day of her dreams, from beginning to the end. Wake her up with a breakfast in bed and take her out on a delightful walk in her favorite park. Have a lunch in this small place she loves, continue in an amusement park, go to a concert, watch a show or take her to this play she was talking about. Or go on a day trip to a place you’ve never been to before!

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A gift to remember.

There is a way to make this special day last. Maybe you can’t stretch time or time travel but you can give her something that will preserve the great moments of this day forever. The only thing you need is… your camera! Take lots of photos over Mother’s Day and after, collate all the images into a beautiful Mother’s Day photo book, for her to treasure the memories of this special day forever!

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Mother's Day photo book


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