“The PastBook Happiness Show” Episode 2

Our Happiness Show is Back

The PastBook Happiness Show is back! After a tremendous success of the pilot with thousands of views, we couldn’t wait to share a next episode with you. And here we are, with the episode #2 online on our FB profile.

This show is our special way to thank you how amazing customers and fans you are.

We’ve been wholeheartedly overwhelmed by the tons of incredibly positive comments and reviews from all of you who got hold of their gorgeous photo book from us. From amazing Facebook comments, Instagram post to 5-star (out of 5!) reviews on Trustpilot, we just had to share our happy hearts with you! And the perfect way to let you know how grateful we are is to tell you in the most personal way possible.

New Hair, Top Secret Information and Much More

The second episode of our Happiness Show features a few latest breakthrough changes and updates, from Kate’s new haircut to top secret information about what we’re launching next week. Also, you will hear what Valentina enjoys most about Portugal and why Kate loves working for PastBook. Actually, why not watch the superb episode now and hear everything first hand? Go watch it now.

Reviews, Reviews Everywhere

Getting sweet reviews from our amazing customers is our guilty pleasure. We simply cannot get enough of them! In this particular episode, we were honored to mention 6 of them. Read them for yourself below. Feel free to check the source of the individual reviews if you’re curious. Here you go, enjoy!

Review #1 from: Bin | Farr, Australia

“I couldn’t be happier! Great quality, speedy delivery. Thank you for providing a great service, I love my 2015 & 2016 Facebook memories.I would consider getting earlier editions as well!”

Review #2 from: Deborah | Bouvald, Australia

“Thrilled! I cannot put into words just how fabulous my PastBook is! The quality of the book itself is amazing. I did not choose what photos went into and left that to the PastBook team to do, and they really ‘nailed’ it! I’ve now ordered three previous years book as well. I can’t wait to see them. TO have these pictorial diaries will mean a lot to my family in the future when I’m no longer here. Thanks again, so very much!”

Review #3 from: Sue | The UK*

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I absolutely love it. My Husband has early Alzheimer’s and this book is for him. It will be a lovely reminder of our lives, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Wonderful. Excellent quality. Delighted customer.”

*This review was shared via email.

Review #4 from: Nancy | Pahrump, Nevada, USA

“I am so happy with my book. When I look through it I see me. When I am gone (I’m 75) my family will look at it and know I will always be with them Everything is digital, there are no photo albums anymore. Again, I am really pleased with my book!”

Review #5 from: Mari | Liberty, Missouri, USA

“I love PastBooks. I ordered 8 of them – 2008 to 2015. I plan to order 2016. They are high quality and easy to make and modify. PastBook even contacted me and said some of my photos were low quality and gave me the opportunity to modify my book. They also let me know when I didn’t fill up the pages that were included in the price so I could add things. Everyone was very nice and accommodating. I love the books and the people who work there. It was a very positive experience.”

Review #6 from: Montgomery Frazier ‘The Guru’ | New York City, USA

“Giving Ben Mindich the gift that keeps on giving, a wonderful coffee table art BOOK of our colorful memories, thanks to PastBook and their exquisite publication from all my original selfies, I-phies, press shots and more.”

This is it! If you’re our lovely customer and want your reviews and comments to be shared, let us know in the comments – we will take care of that! And also, make sure to spread PastBook’s love and share the video with your friends and family now!


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