“The PastBook Happiness Show” Episode 1 (Pilot)

PastBook is full of surprises! We are happy to introduce the first episode of our new “The PastBook Happiness Show”! After receiving tons of wonderful emails, reviews, and comments from our customers and being rated with 5-star, as “Excellent” on Trustpilot based on hundreds of reviews, we decided to thank our customers – in a very special way! Now, it’s our turn to show how thankful we are to have you!

A Special “Thank You” to Our Customers

In the first episode of “The PastBook Happiness Show“, our Operational Manager Kate and Head of Customer Happiness Valentina go through some customer reviews one by one, and share their great memories with the customers. The overall experience of creating PastBook photo book for each and every customer is unique. That’s why, sharing different stories of our customers, we realize that besides making our customers collect their moments less than 60 seconds, creating PastBook photo books also motivate them to relive and share their special moments. Each time we receive a happy comment or a review from you, we feel more motivated to work harder to turn your special memories into a beautifully designed photo book!

A bit of Backstage Moments!

The shooting of the first episode of “The PastBook Happiness Show” was full of fun! Reading wonderful comments and reviews made us cheerful. But, our first “blue wine experiment” was also quite tasty and amazing! Kate and Valentina were very excited about shooting the video and their preparation was so much fun! Our customers know that PastBook automagically turns great memories into one-click photo books. If you are, for instance, curious how one can lose weight in one-click, don’t miss it! Here are some crazy moments of our ladies:

Thumbs up! Let us know your opinion about the first episode and your suggestion for the title of our show for the next episodes! We will continue to share the stories of our beloved customers. If you want your reviews and comments to be shared, let us know – we will make it happen! And also, don’t forget to spread PastBook’s love and happiness, and share the video with your friends and family!

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