The Importance of the Wedding Album


Why the importance of the Wedding Album goes beyond discussion? Multiple reasons: it is the first photo album of your new family, it is the memories saved forever, it can be an amazing gift for your guests… Scroll down to read more or create your Wedding Photo Book now!

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The Big Day is over, the guests went home, the gifts are unwrapped (unwanted ones are exchanged or returned), the thank you notes are sent out. The wedding dress is still hanging in the bedroom, as the only reminder of this magical event. Wait, the only reminder? What about the tons of photos taken at the wedding?

Let’s talk about what usually happens to the wedding photos. You go through them once or twice, show them to some friends and family, share a couple of shots on the social networks. What’s then? Frequently, the photographs get lost, ingloriously, on a scratched CD or a crashed hard drive. This story happens to many gorgeous wedding photos and this is just not fair.

Wedding Photo Book new

The best way to save your photos is to print them out: your grandparents’ photos are still safe in the photo books, but what happened to the shots from your birthday 5 years ago? The value of printed photos, especially the ones from your wedding, is beyond discussion, and here is why:

  • You have hired a professional to make photos, why not ask a professional to print them out?

Every wedding is beautiful, but your wedding was spectacular! All your friends and family members spent hours to look irresistible, your uncle, an amateur photographer, brought his semi-professional camera and tried to capture every smile on every face, and finally, a bunch of professionals did such a great job, staging shots, editing them, honing to perfection. All the effort – in vain? That is just cruel, those beautiful moments must be printed out and preserved.

  • It is not just an album – it is a message for your ancestors!

Have you seen you parents’ wedding album? Did you make fun of their outfits and hairstyles? Don’t deprive your future children from all the entertainment, they deserve to see their parents’ silly looks!

Wedding old photo
  • Your friends also deserved some credit

Do you think that your wedding was just your special day? What about your parents? What about the bride’s maids? They sure did their best to look magnificent! What about all the friends who patiently jumped for 99 times until on the 100th time all of them were finally captured being in the air? Their efforts have to be celebrated: a small photo book for each of them with the brightest wedding moments would be sufficient enough!

  • Team up with your guests!

All right, your photographers sent you the CDs, your uncle published the photos on Facebook. But what about those hundreds of shots taken by all the guests? With PastBook you can create a collaborative photo album and collect all the photos from all the devises that participated in the wedding photoshoot: everyone can add a shot! Well, not everyone, to be honest. Only those whom you invite to participate. Because, let’s face it: all of your friends are amazing, but some of them take photos from very wrong angles. Nothing personal.

wedding guests

  • The memories stay forever

Some photos immediately go to the Instagram, some of them find their places in cozy Facebook albums, some are shared on Flickr, others get stuck on the computer. What about keeping them all in a safe place, where you can always have an access to them? PastBook makes it happen, providing a platform where all the pictures are collected and safely stored. No more getting lost in the cloud of the countless photos – try to create a photo book now!

  • Finally, it is super easy!

Is there anything else stopping you from creating a wedding photo album right now? Time consuming? Confusing? Not anymore. With PastBook, your wedding album will be ready in less than a minute!

Create Your Wedding Photo Book Now! or read step-by-step instructions 

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