Thanksgiving through the eyes of 10 Eminent Photographers


Delicious turkey, cranberries, pumpkin pie with the heart-warming latte… But, most importantly, Thanksgiving means family! We are all waiting for the day to come to celebrate with the loved ones. During this special day, taking photos is the best way to let the moment last forever!

We are not the only ones! From the 30s now on, famous photographers were capturing the amazing Thanksgiving moments! Here is nostalgic moments of Thanksgiving in the United States through the eyes of 10 eminent photographers:

1. Jack Delano, Connecticut, 1940.

Pumpkin Pies at Thanksgiving Dinner at Levy-Crouch home


2. Thomas Hoepker, Nevada, 1963.

A Clown at a Lunch Counter in a Diner


3. Burt Glinn, USA, New York City, 1987.

The Thanksgiving Day parade


4.Joan Snyders, New Jersey, 1972.

Thanksgiving with Joan Snyder’s Family


5. Jim Goldberg, Hollywood – California, 1988.

Thanksgiving Washing-off Hollywood Boulevard at Night


6. Jay Maisel, Thanksgiving in mid-1950s.

The Thanksgiving Day parade


7. Philip Jones Griffiths, New York, 1986.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade


8. Matthew Pillsburry, New York, 2011 .

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade


9. Elliott Erwitt, New York, 1988 .

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade


10. Hiroji Kubota, Massachusetts, 1988 .

Thanksgiving Dinner


We are sure that you will have thousands of lovely photo ideas for the whole family coming together. Share the love and joy you have, and warm the hearts of people whom you appreciate to have! Thanksgiving is a great day to remember your loved ones – make them happy with beautiful photo books of your shared moments! Don’t forget to stay tuned for our Thanksgiving offers!

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