Soft VS Hard Cover Comparison: Close-up on the PastBook Options



We love our PastBook. And to make you happy, we also provide them with two various covers – soft and hard cover. The question is: Which one to choose?


Which Option to Choose: The Cover Comparison Guide


Don’t worry, we come to rescue you from this dire decision with our cover comparison video! Watch the video below to get the ultimate understanding of these two options.


Both small and big formats of our beautiful books come in either the soft or hard cover. What’s more, soft and hard covers are long-lasting and of the highest quality.


4 PastBooks in the same design. The hard cover options on the left, the soft covers shining on the right side. Which one to choose? That’s the question.


Importantly, the hard cover option is available no matter the number of pages, however, the soft option is available only till 26 pages and above 300.

Honestly, both covers are awesome. Apart from the number of pages available, there is no difference in the hard and soft cover option. The best way is indeed to check the cool video and decide for yourself.

To prove that you won’t make a mistake with neither of these options, here are the Trustpilot reviews from both camps.





Do you already know which PastBook cover to go for? This is your chance, let’s create yours right now!

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