Size Comparison: Close Up on the PastBook Photo Book Formats



Here at PastBook, we aspire to make the most beautiful photo books in the world. For your convenience, they come in two different sizes. And that’s why we wrote this ultimate guide with he size comparison of these two options.

Size Comparison in Video

Have you ever wondered how big the photo books actually are and how does it feels to have them on your coffee table? Find out the answers to your questions in our comprehensive video:


No matter if the cover is hard or soft, our beautiful photo books come in two formats: small and big. The small-sized photo book has 8.5×6 inches (21×15 cm), compared to the bigger option with 12×8.5 inches (30×21 com).


These hard-cover PastBooks come in two different sizes. Which one is your favorite?


Which Option to Choose: The Size Guide

Of course, the choice of the size is largely personal and there is no wrong option. But if you’re not sure which size you would indeed enjoy more, here are some hot tips for your struggle:

  • Would you like to show the book often to your visitors? In that case the bigger option will serve you better as everyone will be able to see your printed memories in groups and from the distance. It’s especially handy when it comes to life-changing events such as weddings or your newborn’s first smiles.
  • Do you want your little ones to go through the book often or is it a gift for them? When it comes to those cute little kid’s hands, we would advise you to go for the smaller option. This size will be also light enough for your little angels even with hundreds of pictures inside.
  • How much space do you have in your house and how often do you move places? These questions are also good to consider when it comes to the size of the books. Once you order one PastBook, we almost guarantee you’ll want to order more. That’s how good they are! With more PastBook in your house, your book shelf space and switching your nest are good indicators of what size will work best for you.


What else to add? Maybe one more thing – amazing customer reviews! We chose the latest reviews on TrustPilot that spoke about the desirable size. Have a look:






Do you already know which size of the beautiful PastBook fits you best? Wait no more and go create yours right now, it’s easier than you think!

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