“Showing My Mom I Care” – Interview with our Customers Jennifer and Patricia




On May 14th, we are going to celebrate our lovely moms, grandmas, moms-in-law, and moms-to-be! Mother’s Day is a celebration of the immense love that moms spread in this world.

For this special occasion, we approached our customer Jennifer to tell more about the incredible story of her PastBook. In fact, she gave this piece of love to her amazing mom Patricia last year for Mother’s Day.


– Let’s start with telling us a bit more about yourselves. Who wants to go first?

Patricia: Darling, you can start and I will think a bit.

Jennifer: Oh, you’ve got so much to tell, mom! You should start.

Patricia (laughs): Ok, then! My name is Patricia and I’m mom of beautiful Jennifer. Besides her, I have three more amazing kids – yes, three! We needed a lot of energy and patience with my husband for these four little devils. That’s why we moved to Florida for retirement to finally relax a bit (laughs).

Jennifer: Well, you deserve it, mom, for your hard work!

Patricia (laughs): If you say so, pumpkin! It’s your turn now.

Jennifer: Sure! My name is Jennifer and I currently live in the big Apple – the New York City! I moved there for work at one publishing house to pursue my career in journalism. Even though my life can get quite busy at times, my family will always stay a priority. You know, as the youngest of my siblings, I have so many nieces and nephews to visit! Of course, we love to meet up at our parents’ place in Florida – not only for the weather (laughs).




– Your family seems really adorable! When talking about you two, what is your favorite thing about each other?

Jennifer: What I adore about my mom is her big heart for everyone she happens to meet. I mean every single person she encounters. She even volunteers at various shelters to encourage those who come there to seek refuge and find hope. And my loving mom! (laughs)

Patricia: Oh, that’s so sweet, darling! I admire Jennifer’s unstoppable mentality. She believes she can change the world and that’s why I’m sure she will!


– Oh, that’s so lovely! Do you have any favorite moment together that you will never forget?

Patricia: That’s a tough call, we have so many memories together!

Jennifer: True that! But I think one of my favorite moments was last Thanksgiving at my parents’ when the whole family met. I was helping my mom with the festive dinner and at one point we just couldn’t stop laughing – I even forgot what it was about – but that moment will stay with me forever. I guess I should create a new book for my mom with the pictures from those days, so it can stay forever in both of our minds (laughs). As I made the book for Mother’s Day last year, these couldn’t really make it.


Almost? I was crying like a baby when I got the photo book into my hands! – Patricia


– That’s true! Why did you actually give a photo book to your mom for Mother’s Day, Jennifer?

Jennifer: Well, I really wanted to give something that shows my mom that I care for her SO MUCH! (spreading her arms as wide as possible). Flowers wouldn’t make such an impression. Or even chocolate.So I was thinking what I can buy for my mom that would be personal and yet very fast to make – to match my busy city life. And then, my friend told me about PastBook – the fastest solution for customizable photo books. I was so happy! I went for the Facebook photo book as my mom always posts pictures of our family moments there. It was so easy and fast! I’m not sure if I should even say in front of her that it just took a few clicks and boom – the book was on its way. And you should see my mom receiving the book – she almost cried.

Patricia (surprised): Almost? I was crying like a baby when I got the photo book into my hands! The PastBook is priceless to me. Having all the pictures printed out and being able to scroll through those moments of happiness anytime – no gold can outweigh that. Plus, I can share these photos with all of my friends who comes by. I’m so proud of every child and want to show them to anyone who’s willing to listen. No matter how annoying it is (laughs)!




– We’re so happy to hear that! This is what we aim for – bringing happiness by reliving your most precious moments!

Patricia: I can tell you that you’re definitely succeeding in that, I’m the proof (laughs)!

Jennifer: So happy to hear that you love the photo book so much! I guess I have a great Christmas present now!

Patricia: You bet!


– Thank you, ladies, for such a positive feedback! We’re happy that you’re happy. Do you have any last comments you want to share with our readers?

Jennifer: If you’re still doubting whether or not to go for PastBook, I can tell you that you won’t regret it!

Patricia: Yes, go for it!


– Thank you one more time, it’s so rewarding to have the interview with you – so much love! Happy Mother’s Day to you and enjoy this special time to the full!

Jennifer: Thank you for making my mom happy! We will cherish our PastBook forever.

Patricia: Indeed, thank you, PastBook, for making it possible!


Are you still figuring out what to buy to your mom for this year’s Mother’s Day? Why not get inspired by the Jennifer and Patricia’s story and give her a beautiful photo keepsake for your mom?

As Mother’s Day is just a few days away, reward your mom with a lovely gift card, or make the photo book yourself and give your mom an e-book with a promise of the tangible book coming soon! Show your mom you care and get your photo book now.





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