8 romantic photo ideas for Valentine’s Day



Are you planning a beautiful evening with your loved one on Valentine’s Day?

Make sure to catch the moment and take some cute pictures together. We did the homework for you and made a list of 8 great romantic photo ideas for Valentine’s Day that you don’t need a professional photographer for!

From selfies to original snapshots, here are our favorite Valentine’s Day photo ideas.


Romantic photo idea #1: Following your love


Are you going to have your Valentine’s date at a beautiful scenery? Take advantage of the incredible view and try this original idea for this special day!


Romantic photo idea #2: The sweet classic

romantic-photo-ideas-for-valentines-day-hand-heartsWith little preparation, you can get the same photo for yourselves! Just put your hands together and visualize how much love you’ve got for each other.


Romantic photo idea #3: Your selfie of love

romantic-photo-ideas-for-valentines-day-cute-selfieAs cheesy as it sounds, snap a cute selfie on Valentine’s Day. Spice it up with some quirky items to make it totally you!


Romantic photo idea #4: Balloon magic

romantic-photo-ideas-for-valentines-day-balloonBoth a surprise and a photo decoration, balloons make everything look more cozy and fun! Go wild and unleash your creativity with these colorful companions!


Romantic photo idea #5: The power of shoes

Photo credits: CoolDigital.Photography

If you’re not keen on taking too many photos, this idea would be for you! Celebrate your love by bringing your favorite shoes together. The best part? No makeup or styling required!


Romantic photo idea #6: Artistic love


If you have a little artist inside you, go for a minimalistic feature of your hands. This photo angle fits perfectly to couples who have recently become engaged or married! Because showing off with your fabulous ring will be never enough!


Romantic photo idea #7: From-top-of-the-world selfie

Photo credits:

Is a regular selfie not special enough for Valentine’s Day? Bring your art of selfies to the next level by taking a picture from above! Doesn’t it look cool? Try it yourself!


Romantic photo idea #8: Invisible kiss

Photo credits:

If you own a handy tripod, this option is born just for you! Set up your phone or camera in a similar way like on the photo and just strike a pose! Get bonus points with some cool post editing features like in the cute example above!


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