Progress: the first step of Facebook integration is up and running!

In today’s digital age, it is important to find a way to create, share and access our social pasts and memories in one click, without the fear of losing them.

This is why the PastBook is going to the next level by integrating Facebook to its platform. There was a huge user demand for this integration (your wish is our command, dear users!) since Facebook is one of the most, if not THE most, popular social networks at the moment. We are glad that this process is in motion, and will be live soon!

Accessing your Facebook information and photos through PastBook couldn’t be simpler. At this first stage of the integration, the Facebook access feature is only available to Instagram users, but stay tuned for the upcoming direct Facebook access.

Connect with Facebook!

Click on the Facebook icon!

After accessing the PastBook platform with your Instagram account, make your way through to your Shelfspace and click on the Facebook icon that will appear to view your Facebook photo albums… and the rest is history! Select your favourite photo moments on Facebook and organize them into an original and personalized album!

Your Facebook albums, on PastBook!

The PastBook team is still working very hard to bring the best of both online worlds to you; as of now, you can only view your photo books online, but do not despair! PDF, printed versions and many more surprises are right around the corner. We intend on expanding our Facebook integration to the PastBook platform by incorporating not only your photos but also all of your online activity to your PastBook collection of memories. We cannot wait to share our work with you!

As you know, your opinion is extremely important to us; please do not hesitate to send us feedback about this new feature; any suggestions or questions are the most welcome!

Help PastBook expand and become part of the process by filling out this survey (copy paste this URL if the link does not work:, and give us your opinion on what YOU believe should be included on the PastBook homepage: it only takes a minute to complete!

Thanks you for your time and support!

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