Picshare Party and PastBook Partner Up

From today on, Picshare Party users are be able to create beautiful photo books through PastBook platform – in 1 click! Picshare Party makes it easy to collect photos from many people via text messages into an online gallery. PastBook allows to turn those pictures into photo books – in a snap. The companies partner up in order to deliver the highest quality service to their users and provide them with the best way to preserve memories. Shared mission and similar proposition of the companies makes the partnership of Picshare Party and PastBook a perfect match!

I chose to partner with PastBook because they made it ridiculously easy for Picshare Party users to transform their text-generated picture galleries into beautiful photo books, with only one click!

Jeremy Senn, the Founder and CEO of Picshare Party

What is Picshare Party?

Let’s say, you are going on vacations with your big family. Let’s say, every day each of you takes dozens of photos and in the evening you scroll through your phone galleries, promising to send the photos to each other once you are back. Do you really believe it is going to happen? Well, great that you thought of Picshare Party beforehand. The platform allows to create a private photo gallery and add pictures from multiple devices via text messages.

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Wicked easy photo sharing – no app is required, people just text a unique number of the event and instantly add their pictures to your private gallery. You can review the pictures, delete those that you don’t like, share the gallery on social networks (or not: you’re the boss!), download the gallery, text the contributors a personal message and more! Picshare Party is perfect for collecting photos during weddings, showers, bachelor/ette parties, group vacations – any kind of event, actually.

What about PastBook?

PastBook allows to turn your pictures into a beautiful photo book – from any source or device, no hassle. Whatever the occasion is, whichever source you use to store the pictures – PastBook has got you covered! Let’s say, you used Picshare Party service to collect all the photos from the event. What about preserving the memories forever by printing the pictures out? Once your gallery is created and all the pictures are collected, just press the button “Create a Photo Book” – all of you gallery photos will be instantly added to a Picshare Party photo book – ready to be printed out!



You can also edit your photo book by rearranging and resizing the photos, adding captions and dates, changing the background colors and more. Add pictures from any source (including Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox and others), your computer, phone or tablet. Your friends who didn’t participate in creating your Picshare Party gallery are still able to add their photos: just send them an invitation so that they can contribute to your PastBook! Preserve the memories made by you: keep it as a great keepsake for yourself or a memento for your friends and relatives!



According to Picshare Party’s founder and CEO, Jeremy Senn, it is the first & best way to create a picture gallery by text”. PastBook is the fastest and easiest way to turn your pictures into a beautiful photo book. By partnering up, PicShare Party and PastBook offer an ultimate solution for creating a photo book, collecting all the great shots from parties, vacations, weddings and other group events.


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